Gun Control, it ain’t just for Rednecks


Yeeeee Haaaaaaw!!! With the last bit of credit eaked from the reverse mortgage on Grandma’s farm, this redneck got himself a nice little 50mm water cooled automatic islamahomocommie blaster! That’s great. His soon to be ex wife will be hawking that at a gun show as soon as her lawyer gets Bubba’s cold dead fingers from around the trigger. Bubba paid top dollar for that, as well he should. Shitfire, a decent semi-auto shotgun will set you back $500 if you shop around at gun shows and get lucky. Fully auto 50 caliber water cooled machine guns are gonna run you well over $5000. Well, unless you’re in Kabul or Basra or any other third world “hot spot”, where you can pick up a worn but functional Kalashnikov for $20. A mounted auto in 308 or 50 cal will run you a lot more, but you could certainly pick up a nice 50 cal mountable machine gun with a tripod and a stack of ammo for under $500. There’s all kinds of nice US and Soviet Bloc shit hanging on the streets of every third world country, because the US and the Soviets pumped arms into these places as part of the old peasant hurling plot of the “cold war.”  Nobody in any of these primitive locales could afford this kind of weaponry without subsidy. Only a handful of nations in the world have the sophistication and resources to produce weapons and ammunition–even for small arms. Fewer still can produce the truly devastating aerial and naval weapons capable of obliterating entire cities. Wow. ah…cool…um…why do we want to do that? Without subsidy from the US Federal Government, most arms would not be paid for (and thus would not be built).

    This week,  some of our heavily subsidized and most sophisticated weapons are now being used to bomb a bunch of poor, trapped ,virtual refugees in Gaza. Despite having no-doubt stolen the secrets, the Zionists can’t build an F-16, nor any of the accompanying armaments. Israel gets subsidized and free arms from the US, and it profits US firms hooked up to that good ole Military Industrial Complex that the good General Ike warned us about. The whole Afghan thing is incredible. Across that large geographic expanse, the most dangerous weapon held by any Afghani should be a single shot shotgun. And, that should be a prize possession. Instead, every dipshit in every podunk Afghan village has an AK-47 with a spare clip and an amount of ammo that would fetch more than his annual salary at an Oklahoma gun show.

You see, guns are forever. Non-rednecks often have a problem with this, and so the historical weight of the gun control issue is not clear to them. The guns that Ronny Raygun bought for the “Freedom Fighters” in Afghanistan are still more than operational. Unless a gun has been used constantly for systematic military or police training (where the rounds really do stack up), it can last for a century with only a few minor part swaps now and again. In my experience, people who don’t have much tend to take care of what they have. And, I can recall several pictures of Mujahadin with nice wool rifle covers to protect their babies from sand and dust.

Fortunately, F-16’s are a bit more tempermental, and it’s harder to stockpile the whizz-bang attachments for when you use up the first batch blowing up school girls. We shouldn’t sell F-16s to ANYONE. EVER. To sell an armament of such power to any non-US Goverment entity should be treason. Instead, we allow them to be sold to all sorts of primitive nations, and give them away to a hostile rogue state which is the source of much of our ill-will with the rest of the planet.

As any redneck will tell you, guns don’t kill people. People kill people. Well, people with guns kill people. And, people with guns kill more people than people with sticks.  People with F-16’s can kill shitloads of people. Way more than people with guns. A complete ban on US arms exports and contract exports would go a long way to reducing suffering.

One Response to “Gun Control, it ain’t just for Rednecks”

  1. drew Says:

    wow dude where can i find 1 of those lol

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