You Are What You Is

Fred Shuttlesworth didn't reason with Bull Connor

Fred Shuttlesworth didn't reason with Bull Connor

 “But you know, segregation, you can’t shame segregation,  rattlesnakes don’t commit suicide. Ball teams don’t strike themselves out – you gotta put ’em out.”

One of the problems with liberal social movements in the US is that they are plagued with the unfounded belief that everyone has the same interests, and that consensus can be reached if we’d all just be nice and talk to one another. The view ignores the fact that societies are highly segmented, and what is a collective good for one group is a collective bad for another group. There can be no joint production of mutually exclusive oppositional goods. No amount of talk will change people’s interests. Interests are in conflict. And, when you’re in conflict, it’s a good idea to maybe try to fight back–preferably with comparable armaments. I had a little tiff with a guy once who was packing a 38 revolver and all I had was a tub of cottage cheese. Fortunately, he only hit me once before he ran out of bullets, and after that the Iranian Redneck doesn’t need cottage cheese to take out a nut with an unloaded gun. American liberals are always doing shit like that, confronted by gun wielding nut-jobs, they offer cottage cheese. Can’t we just talk? Surely we can all come to an agreement….NO. We Can’t. Someone is going to win and get their collective goods, and the opposition will lose and receive a collective bad.

Reverand Fred understood that. There was no consensus possible with Bull Connor and the rest of the White Citizens of the South. You gotta put em out.

Ah, the last day of Zappadan. I think I’ll shut up and play my guitar…

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