Coming out of the Closet: Homophobes Pope Benedict and Mark Regnerus Come Out

Me and my Man will retire in the Vatican....

Me and my Man will retire in the Vatican….

Ah, what a wonderful last few weeks in the world of religion and politics. First, the Nazi Youth Pope Ratzinger receives word that the cover is blown on the fact that more than half of the Cardinals in the Vatican are openly gay, frequenting gay prostitutes and gay clubs, and paying for it with money embezzled from the Vatican Bank, and so Popesey abruptly resigns upon reading the report. Worse yet, the report will eventually reveal that the Pope and his cute hunk of man, Archbishop Georg (Gay Org),  are implicated in the cover-up and were targets of implicit if not overt extortion to enable others to continue to plunder the Vatican’s coffers to fuel their gay sexcipades. Even as the papal selection committee begins to convene, even more of these cardinals are now being outed—and it seems that uniformly it is the most noxious homophobic assholes who turn out to be closeted homosexuals who abuse their power to force themselves on underlings.

In similar news, in contrast to many protestations to the contrary, conservative Catholic/Christian anti-gay “researcher” Mark Regnerus came out of the closet as an overt anti-gay activist. Despite repeated claims that his research meant nothing for issues like Prop 8 or DOMA, Marky Mark filed an amicus brief, along with Byron Johnson (another anti-gay “researcher” who has published next to nothing yet still holds a distinguished research professorship at Baylor), arguing that DOMA and Prop 8 should be upheld. Yeah. I know Byron from Vanderbilt days, and we used to have lunch regularly. I couldn’t quite figure out why he was there given that he’d never published anything. But, he did have a direct line to money from Sir John (he always called him Sir John) Templeton. His Mercedes was always spotless, I should add. I’m just going to post both of their glamour shots, without further comment.

Because gay marriage would hurt his marriage

Because gay marriage would hurt his marriage

What would happen to his family if gays could marry?

What would happen to his family if gays could marry?

6 Responses to “Coming out of the Closet: Homophobes Pope Benedict and Mark Regnerus Come Out”

  1. Dania Ng Says:

    Sorry Sherkat, but you are a liar. You should be ashamed of yourself for voicing so many untruths in such a short piece. But then christophobic homosexualists are not known for their love of truth and fairness. (1) You lie about the amici curiae, it isn’t just Regnerus and Byron, they are part of a group of seven professors involved in this brief. (2) You lie when you say that Byron Johnson has published “next to nothing”, his CV lists 35 papers since 2000, and some 100 conference papers. And let’s not forget his involvement with research funded at $20 million, among many other scholarly activities. A little jealousy creeping in your undoubtedly objective and collegial assessment, it seems. (3) There is no evidence in the articles you linked that “more than half of the Cardinals in the Vatican are openly gay”. So I take it that you’re lying again as per usual.
    You obviously have some issues dealing with your fear of Christianity. I hope they will be solved when homosexual marriage becomes widespread, but I somehow doubt it.

  2. socavenger Says:

    Also, that picture of the pope is fake.

  3. schmielt Says:

    Perhaps the word you wanted to invent was Christianophobic? Because that actually makes sense, being as how Christians in this country are a bit of fucking terrifying. What is it with right-wingers and their love of making up words? If we could replace all the willfully ignorant, intolerant, pushy Christians in this country with homosexuals, America would be a MUCH more fun place to live.

    I don’t sense the jealousy, but maybe a bit of rage that anyone who will produce elephant shit to back up bigoted Christian fucks in this country can so easily lay their hands on TWENTY MILLION FUCKING DOLLARS? When real science and research is hanging by a thread, thanks to those same religious ideologue fucks.

    And for someone so good at schooling others, you should look up the word “hyperbole.” It’s a useful literary tool.

  4. sherkat Says:

    No, Seriously, Socavenger, that’s a real pic. One of my buddies was at the Vatican after a stage of the Giro di Italia, and the Pope’s skirt blew up, Just LIKE MARILYN MONROE’s. Of course, he was there with his hunk of Georg, who then helped him unruffle his skirt….

  5. sherkat Says:

    I was just perusing Byron Johnson’s vita. Indeed, he lists 35 publications since 2000….But, 19 of them are either not peer reviewed publications, or not published at all. He did manage to get a few articles into decent journals, but he didn’t have much of anything when we were at Vanderbilt (he got his PhD 7 years before I did….). And, let’s not forget that that includes counting “Police Chief” and “Texas Journal of Corrections” and “Federal Probation” as peer reviewed publications! $20 Million in grants, and that’s all you can deliver? Obviously, they’re paying for something else, and Byron has delivered in spades. This is the right wing propaganda machine at work.
    Since 2000 I have published 28 peer reviewed articles, seven book chapters, and I have an edited book and three book chapters forthcoming. I list those in separate columns on my vita….During that time I had a small grant from NIMH co-PI’d with Barb Kilbourne. My take was $66k out of the $166k grant. That’s pretty much all the money I’ve seen to support my research in my entire career.

  6. Darina Says:

    Wow, and I’ve missed the Regnerus’s-personal-involvement-in-an-amicus-brief part… thank you.

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