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Reducing gun violence, by reducing gun availability and lethality, duh.


Rather than building a $25 billion wall, let’s use that money to finance a massive gun buy-back program. We’ll help pay for this with a 500% tax on all gun and ammunition sales, and a personal and gun licensing system. Each person owning a gun must pay $100 per year for a license, and must pay an additional tax for each gun they own based on classification, hunting rifles and shotguns up to five shot capacity, $75 per gun, per year, same for rimfire rifles up to 18 shot capacity (no magazines, tube feed). Handguns $500, per year. The taxes should and licensing should be Federal, to ensure that some states fail to enact restrictions.

All guns must be individually insured, and that insurance must cover not only threat, but risk of the weapon being used for violence, which owners, manufacturers, and distributors should be liable for. Federal licensing should include a chip that must be affixed to the gun so it may be tracked. Any violation of gun codes should result in the immediate confiscation and destruction of the weapon.

This is no different from what we do for automobiles, save that we have mostly let states do licensing.

All center-fire guns and rimfire pistols with more than 7 shot capacity clips should be banned and illegal, and must be sold back to the buyback program (which will generously reward people for turning in any gun, and all guns will be destroyed).  Buy back should be very generous, and the state should partner with anti-violence social movements to help fund the most generous packages possible. At a minimum, federal buyback for your standard .223 assault rifle (which I can buy brand new at Wal Mart or Academy Sport right now for $625) should be $2000. Two and a half times standard value would be a good mark. Any weapon not licensed and chipped is fair game for buyback, no questions asked. All hanguns with barrels shorter than 6 inches are also banned, and subject to buyback provisions. So, every minor drug addict has an incentive to turn in his Saturday night special and make some money on it. 

All sales and transfer of firearms must be coordinated with the BATF, providing proper background checks and ensuring proper licensing. “Gun shows” and other such extralegal markets should be prohibited.

 Anyone charged with any violent crime or threat will have all of her weapons and ammunition confiscated. Upon conviction, all weapons and ammunition are to be destroyed…..

Pretty much what they did in Australia, tailored to our current situation….