Why I hate the Dutch….

The secularization of Europe and the “exceptionalism” of the United States is dogma in the sociology of religion. Never do scholars consider how the two are intimately entwined. The secularization of Europe was all about breaking the final throws of feudalism, and the alliances between church and state. It was about the enlightenment, modernization, and having an educated citizenry. A complete upheaval from a time when religious nutjobs enjoyed power on every level of society. You know, burning people at the stake and shit. Draw and quartering people in the middle of churches. Religion, what is it good for? The secular states forged in Europe sought to eliminate religious control over several areas of life, particularly education, marriage, and individual versus familial or communal control of assets. Religious nutjobs went berserk.

That is where dirty immigrants raise their ugly heads. Facing the imposing development of a secular state, religious nutjobs throughout Europe decided that they would instead immigrate to the land of the free, at least in terms of being able to teach your children bullshit and not having it challenged by state institutions. Europe is secular because they sent all of their religious nutjobs to the United States. Give us your tired, your poor, your religious nutjobs yearning for the afterlife….

This is not simply a rant. It is pretty well established in research, much of it my own. Immigrants to the US are mostly Christians. They are disproportionately Christian compared to their nation of origin. And, they are much more religious than people from their nation of origin. Our Ambassador to the Netherlands, Peter Hoekstra, is exhibit A. Betsy De Vos and her family are another great example, as are Mark Regnerus and the endless stream of Dutch conservatism emanating from Calvin, Gordon, Wheaton, and Houghton. They left Europe in hope of creating a theocracy, and they are hell bent on doing it.

I really think we need to discuss this with our ambassadors from the Netherlands. They need to take responsibility for their own. The Dutch must be deported back to their shithole country. Thankfully for them, they will have food and shelter, healthcare coverage, and free education.

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