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Family Planning


I’ve got you now, Bunny…..

I’ve been too distraught to contribute much lately, what with the fascist takeover and all. Nobody wants to hear anything legitimate sociologists say, anyway, they’re too worked up about cheap sex and shit. Which brings me to the issue of the contraceptive mandate and “President” Trump’s and KKK Sessions’ new edict saying religious motherfuckers can shitcan people’s health coverage because of their supposedly deeply held religious commitments. It should be beyond discussion that  people who want to take away contraception benefits are loathsome pieces of shit, who want to force their religion on other Americans. It should also be beyond tolerance that insurance companies—who benefit immensely from not having to cover unwanted pregnancies—are painfully silent.

But, what sociology should be talking about, as should any movement seeking to reframe this issue, is the fact that a very large plurality of women who get coverage under insurance plans for their birth control are MARRIED. Religious fuckwits can pull their hair out about single women having sex all they want (because they are assholes?), but the fact is that 40% of women at risk for pregnancy are married. 90% of them use contraception.

This is a FAMILY issue not a women’s issue. Sure, women bear the brunt, but it is really about the costs of maintaining families. Though especially single parent families. Contraceptive costs impact families. It’s $50 a month that these assholes are taking from the mouths of children. Fucking pro-life, eh.