White Christian Fascism has come to America: Whoopie, we’re all gonna die

Despite all of the pearl clutching by Christianist apologists the straight up fact is that white Sectarian Christians (those who think that my kids will burn in hell) and a sub-gaggle of conservative white Catholics elected a fascist regime. Donald Trump is the product of White Conservative Christianity. They want an authoritarian white guy. They don’t care if he’s really very “moral” or anything. Just as long as he is white and will give them license to fuck everyone else in the country on laws about equality, health, science, and shit like that. Thank you Jesus. Thank You LORD. Thank you for delivering us into the hands of Satan.

We now have a genuine fascist as the most important figure in the White House. It is because of White conservative Christians. Steve Bannon being the most important person in the Executive Branch should scare people, but instead we’ve normalized it. We now have federal employees disobeying judicial mandates. That is because of Conservative Christianity and its embrace of Trumpian Fascism.

And, to make sure we keep having alternative facts, Dictator Trump can certainly count on the many private foundations like Templeton, Pew, Lilly, and etc. to provide him with alternative facts, while shutting down the collection of real facts from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Dept of Justice, Census Bureau, CDC, ETC…….

Our only hope is that this fucker is impeached, quickly.


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