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Watermelon in Easter Hay, Zappadan Always Ends this way


The crux of the biscuit is the apostrophe


In an unpresidented show of respect, Jack Bruce reenacted his classic track from Apostrophe. Of course, Jack is no longer with us anymore, he went on y’know. He bit the big one.  It is kind of surprising that an adderol addicted, facist, playboy fucktwat is somehow alive, still. Of course, Jack died at 71, and Trump is still only 70…..

Religious fanatics can make it be all gone….


You can’t run a country by a book of religion
Not by a heap,  Or a lump or a smidgeon
Of foolish rules, Of ancient date
Designed to make You all feel great
While you fold, spindle and mutilate
Those unbelievers from a neighboring state

Something’s got to be done, before America scarfs up the world and shits on it…


“We’re involved in a low key war against apathy….a lot of what we do is designed to annoy people to the point where they might just for a second question enough of their environment to do something about it. As long as they don’t feel their environment they don’t worry about it, and they’re not going to do anything to change it. And something’s got to be done, before America scarfs up the world and shits on it.”

Fuck you, Captain Tom…..


David Bowie famously stole Adrian Belew from Zappa, and Frank wasn’t happy about it. But, Frank knew. Bowie was his peer. He was a real musician. He needed real musicians for his band. And, Adrian Belew sparked some of the best stuff that Bowie ever recorded. We can be heroes.


God Damn Right, Weasels will rip your flesh, and all you’ll be left with is rat tomago…..


Yes indeed. We now have a weasel ripping the flesh from the body politic. He never was the cutest boy in town. No self respecting lesbian would give him the time of day. He loves white guys in brown suits who have wives that take phone calls. For the most part, we are dumb allover. Yes, we are. Oh, no! Where’s the glue! We must be free, free like the worthless rich bloodsucking vermin who pay nothing and suck us dry. Free like the wind. Tighten our headbands for Jerry’s solo. Extra rush. Free is not having to do nothing or pay for nothing, we want to be free. Free like Donald Trump.

Zappadan will not be cancelled because of the fascist theocracy


Zappadan must go on. Frank put on a suit and tie and went on loser ass TEEVEE programs with right wing hacks, and testified in congress to prevent restrictions on free speech. Fascist theocracy is even closer than it was in 1986.

I was so depressed I missed Black Napkins Friday, but I’m back on it….