Fucked like a Bunny!!!

I've got you now, Bunny.....

I’ve got you now, Bunny…..

Well, so much for my non-shit poll based prognostication about the US elections, turns out I did no better. I forgot about my publication showing that radical conservatives were the most likely to refuse to cooperate in surveys.  Ah, such it is, voter turnout is the key and Hill the Shill couldn’t muster the enthusiasm of anyone, while old, white racialists were all about their last stand. And so it goes.

The Democratic Party ignored its only sources of dynamism and spat in the face of Black Lives Matter activists and young people and people seeking redress from the growing and enormous inequalities in the US. That USED to be the constituency of the Democratic party. But, instead, they did every trick in the book to ensure that Hill the Shill beat Bernie—-advancing the only candidate in the entire nation that couldn’t defeat the orange buttplug who is now our President Elect. Awesome, DNC operatives!. Great Job. Good thing you all have trust funds and don’t  have to actually work for a living.

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