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“Evangelical” is Dead


This is REAL evangelical

This is REAL evangelical

Starting in the early 1990s conservative Christians began to embrace “evangelical” as an identification that sought to unify sectarian oriented Christians from a variety of denominations. It was an odd marker, since many of the more powerful groups were Calvinist and shun true “evangelism” in the sociological sense of an orientation toward proselytization. But, it was better than the spoiled identity of “Born Again” which was sullied in the televangelism scandals of the 1980s (how soon we forget…).

But, just like Born Again, and Fundamentalist before it, the identity of Evangelical is now hopelessly tarnished. This spoiled identity will be cast aside and a new collective identity will have to be constructed eventually.

The problem with sectarian Christians is that their exclusivist orientations (which are definitive of sectarianism) inherently polarize the group(s) against others, and even each other. It’s not a stable basis for much identity, unless the system was rigged to ensure their dominance—like in the deep South for the Baptists.

In five years, all the bad journalists will have to learn a new lingo to refer to backwoods sectarian Christians who think everyone else is going to hell.



Political Incompetence and the 2016 Republican Party


Wow. Are we seeing a show or what? It’s been since the 19th century that we’ve seen such a loser hack as Trump, and what is unique is that he managed to do that in a time when there is a fairly institutionalized party structure that is supposed to prevent unelectable, unqualified, assholes like Donald Trump from controlling the party. So, how does that happen?

Primarily, of course, as many have said, Trump trumped his opponents in the Republican Party on the racist card. No serious politician for national office was going to go off on Mexicans or African Americans, but Trump was quite comfortable playing to the Steve King/David Duke memes about race and ethnicity in the US. Yet, NONE of his opponents in the Republican party took the high road and deliberately and emphatically rejected Trump’s racism. Only Kasich made an attempt.

And, of course, Republicans hate women, so it is hard to respond to a vulgar misogynist when you mostly agree. But, I doubt Mike Huckabee thinks it’s ok to grab pussy. So, my question now is why did they not use this against Trump a YEAR AGO. Why did Jeb Bush spend $140 million in three months and they couldn’t trot out any videos of Trump saying this shit? It’s all public access. It’s not like any of this is a secret. The transcripts of his Howard Stern interviews are public. Why didn’t Jeb et al go after that?

I think the answer is that the Republican Party has no serious professional political leadership. They are lazy, overpaid, overprivileged white people who don’t work very hard, and are kind of stupid. They couldn’t even figure out a way to tank an unelectable maladroit like Trump, even though he has an extensive public record that should have been used to kill him before Iowa. Wow. Those guys spent nearly a Billion collectively and couldn’t even put out this loser–even though the videos were publicly available to trash him before any of this began. I’m in awe of the incompetence of the Republican party hacks stealing money from the rich. But, in some ways, I kind of like it.