Sect Acts


Jesus Fuck a Bunny in the ass……Where have I heard that before? 


Some things just keep getting worse, and in the sociology of religion it is the influence and power of conservative Christian sociologists. I had a slight reprieve while finishing a few books, but now I have been dealing with Christianist reviewers again. Thankfully, I know well enough not to send papers to Christianist journals, and normal sociologists and political scientists know me well enough to know that I do good work. If you really think you can smear me as some ignorant novice who doesn’t know anything about religion and science or religion and sexuality or religion and stratification, you’re wrong. Editors know better. And, now they know what you are.

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Ah, yes. Don’t come to the Tour de France with a tricycle……

The Christianist mafia which seeks to control the social scientific message regarding the impact of Christianity on social life just hasn’t quite banked on one thing—in mainstream social sciences, some journal editors actually read the reviews and the articles!!!! And, thankfully, some editors have at least read a little Weber and Durkheim and Berger. You can’t just  LIE about shit in reviews and get away with it in perpetuity. The fact is, science is built on reviewers, and reviewers who can’t be trusted can’t be tolerated. Or, they should simply be ignored when an editor just needs a few more reviews to feel like they’ve bagged the quota.

In the latest episode Conservative Christian Reviewer Syndrome, I actually had two nutjob reviewers suggest that the sociological concept of “sect” was non-normative and simply pejorative.  Jesus fucking sheep!!! Sect?!…

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