Add it up…..

Day after day, I get angry, and I will say that the day in Day after day, I will walk and I will play But the day after today, I will stop and I will start….

Jesus fucking Christ, can we please put the shit polls to rest? Can we please have a revolt among serious academics and serious political analysts against these non-scientific “polls”.

It is time for a movement. It is time for revolt. Shit polls aren’t science. Robocallpolls? Telepolls of minority numbers (since many have placed themselves on “no-call”)? Surveys with less than 8% response rate? Internet polls from panels of cheetos munching wierdos?

This shit is not fit for science, and don’t even expect me to give any paper using such shit data the time of day. And, this shit is not fit for use in the public sphere. Yeah, Hill the Shill is taking Michigan by 20%…..

Non scientific polls are influencing the political process, and anyone supporting this abomination is undermining both science and democracy.


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