Cho vs ISIS….sounds like a video game….

Cho would win, of course. I know it seems/is insensitive and politically incorrect, but when we talk about the use of violence in social movements you have to talk about impact. If ISIS really is at WAR with other sovereign nation states, then you really need to grade its performance in battle. Daesh/isis chose to “battle” a soft target. There appear to have been at least a dozen or so “soldiers” involved. This kind of makes it comparable to the attack on Mumbai in 2008, which killed 257—way more than Daesh got, with at least as large of a force hitting a similar soft target.

That ain’t shit. As I’ve noted in the link above, even the Mumbai terrorists suck, and they’re batting nearly double of Daesh in France. ONE graduate student in English at Virginia Tech took out 32 people! While we cannot equate the two situations in any moral or social sense, we sure as fuck can in a tactical sense! If you are a terrorist group trying to make maximal destruction on a soft target, it’s all about body count, baby. So why is Cho so awesome?

Because the various Islamic terrorist groups suck. They are poorly trained and don’t know what they are doing. Not only that, they don’t really want to do what they are trying to do. Even suicide bombers. Did you see that shit? The suicide bomber at the France-Germany game only killed one other person?!!!! Jesus Fuck! Are you kidding me!!!! France v. Germany….gotta be sold out. Any real suicide bomber could have taken out at least 50…just go to the fucking beer line…or the bathroom…Have you ever been to a match? …..Or did you not want to kill a bunch of people…..

Same thing in the concert hall….1500 people in a sold out show, plus no doubt another 500 support, artistic, and service staff. And several gunmen who also had bombs maybe got 100. They had time. I didn’t watch, but the fucking band was playing. A really loud band. And, they had bombs, though obviously their bombs sucked. Cho would have lit the place up, Tim McVeigh would have taken out the entire ensemble—minimum 800 kills for McVeigh.

Acting like the Islamic State is somehow strong because they can kill a hundred people in a huge city is bullshit. They couldn’t take out a small battalion from any real nation state. They didn’t do as well as the Pakistani terrorists in Mumbai in 2008, and their kill-ratio is far below that of a garden variety psycho killer in the United States.

Why? Because most of the “terrorists” didn’t want to do it. They backed off the trigger. They killed themselves in isolated areas when a hundred thousand were gathered nearby. Terrorism is a tough job.

Cho, he was just nuts….

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