The Majority of Americans Favor Legalizing Marijuana

General Social Surveys, 1973-2014

General Social Surveys, 1973-2014

Despite claims from Pat Robertson that weed is vegetable addiction, and claims from the prison industrial complex that marijuana cause murder rates to increase, the majority of Americans now concur that marijuana should be legalized. Nearly 56% of Americans support legalization, after holding steady at 47% for the since 2010. So, we shouldn’t be throwing people into prison for life for selling a little weed. We shouldn’t be fining old men tens of thousands of dollars and killing their dogs and taking away their property because they grew a little weed. Legalization needs to be complete, beyond the “medical” nonsense. We need fewer cops and prison guards, and more herbalists. Most people are gonna buy their weed in stores, and it is being taxed now where it is legal, generating revenue instead of ruining peoples lives and jacking up everyone’s taxes to give good jobs to fascist assholes.

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  1. Religion and Marijuana Legalization—420 Special | Iranianredneck's Weblog Says:

    […] the dark old days of Nancy Raygun’s “Just say No” and the 2014 GSS found for the first time that a majority of Americans, 56%, support legalization. And, who do you think has been left behind? It’s no surprise that Christian fundamentalists […]

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