Nearly 21% of Americans Reject Religious Identification

GSS 1972-2014

GSS 1972-2014

Shit pollsters have a good time trying to estimate population parameters based on crap done in some online marketing firm. I sincerely believe that they make most of it up and “weight” their crap to where it apes GSS estimates (except for the NRA-Gallup stuff on gun control laws). We now know based on the GSS, our only continuous scientific poll,  that nearly 21% of Americans reject religious identification–up from 19.8% in 2012, 18% in 2010….the trend continues, and only the Catholics hold the commitments of more Americans–just over 24% of GSS respondents identify as Catholic. The religious nutjobs in the sectarian denominations and on the right wing of Catholicsm are on the run because finally secular people constitute a legitimate threat, and we aren’t rolling over and letting the Christian Taliban have their way with us anymore.

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