We are Dumb All Over…..

In honor of the first Sunday of Zappadan, we must remember that we are dumb all over. Kind of funny that a lot of pop pseudointellectual drivel suggests that nobody was hostile toward religion before Richard Dawkin’s mild mannered books. Sheik Yerbouti, indeed. What is most important is that Frank was really meaning to offend the religious nutjobs, and he fought to make sure that people would have the right to make fun of religion or talk about sex or race in a free form manner. He even went at it with Tipper Gore, patron saint of the tight asses. It’s important to remember now that there is a worldwide crusade to ban criticism of religion.


2 Responses to “We are Dumb All Over…..”

  1. etseq97 Says:

    Zappa was fearless! He made Al & Tipper look like fools when the fascist PMRC engineered that show trial Senate hearing…Along with Dee Snyder and John Denver of all people!

    • sherkat Says:

      One of the most awesome smackdowns of all time. Tipper cost Al the Presidency. She’s why everyone thought he was no different than Bush and a bunch of morons went out and voted for Nader…..forget the 5,000 missing ballots, focus on the 55,000 Nader voters in Florida….

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