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Watermelon and Easter Hay….Zappadan always ends this way….


Shut up! On the eve of the end…..


Only one day left until the celebration begins and ends. Time to shut up and listen…..

Frank Zappa and Black Sabbath


Zappa was always a kingmaker. If he were a whore, he would have been the greatest and richest corporate rock producer in the world. But, alas, Frank wasn’t in it for the money. Still, whenever he sneezed, people listened. Zappa thought Sabbath were great, while early critics panned them. From an interview with Geezer Butler:

WW: Speaking of prejudice, during those early years, Sabbath got some of the worst reviews ever. Critics seemed to hate the band – but a number of years later, when Sabbath proved to be so influential, they completely flip-flopped. What was the moment where you first saw that sea change?

GB: I think some of them got an inkling when Frank Zappa did this interview in one of the big English music papers. They were asking him what music he was listening to at the time, and he said, “Black Sabbath.” And at the time, Frank Zappa was really well thought of critically. And I thought he was joking! (Laughs.) But he thought “Supernaut” [from 1972’s Black Sabbath, Vol. 4] was the best riff he’d ever heard. And a lot of critics went, “Well, if Zappa likes Black Sabbath, maybe we should give them another listen.” So that turned some of the people.

Oh wait, that’s Barry Manilow!


There is no greater torture than Lumpy Gravy…



Back in the day, it was hard to find a tape of Lumpy Gravy. Albums were nonexistent, and all people had were bootleg cassette recordings. It was torture. I’m hoping that all of the old bootlegged cassettes of Lumpy Gravy will be shoved up Dick Cheney’s ass. Not as tortore, of course, because that is not torture. But, instead, as rectal feeding to get him to loosen his ass so that maybe his mind will follow (to paraphrase Moon Unit).

You are What You Is…..And Vaclav Havel did not condone torture…..but loved Zappa


You is what you am. Zappa was an icon of the underground movements in Eastern Europe before the fall of the Soviet Empire. He was especially popular in Czechoslovaka, and Czech Republic founding father Vaclav Havel was a huge Zappa fan. The Power of the Powerless, as Havel wrote, was rooted in the cultural communities that could situate opposition to totalitarianism in a way that could not be broken. The enduring aspect of cultural opposition is the power to define who is an asshole and who is cool. By creating cultures within indigenous communities and gravitating toward alternative “underground” cultural symbols, sounds, and practices, the hegemonic power of the totalitarian state was broken, and the assholes who served as toadies of those states lost power and influence (except in Russia, where the assholes came back to power….but they didn’t like Zappa as much in Russia).

At Havel’s request, Zappa was supposed to be named a special ambassador for trade and culture between the United States and Czech, however US Secretary of State James Baker nixed it because Zappa had made fun of Baker and his wife during his testimony before the Senate on censoring rock lyrics. Havel appointed him in an unofficial capacity anyway.

The Pigs. Because if you’re gonna be tortured, its probably gonna be by the pigs…..


First, there is the issue of making sense of why the pigs are pigs and why they are always torturing and killing people. It’s because of the smoke. They totally want the smoke to only go in one direction, and if you fuck with the smoke, they’ll fuck with you. As we have already been informed, by those who inform us, pigs are gonna fucking kill you if you fuck with the smoke, even if you are a twelve year old child, and you’d better fucking like it or the pigs will hunt you down and kill you!

Second, Jesus fuck. they pigs are just going to torture you because they’re pigs.


And sometimes a pig has wings…..rarely….Kind of a tribute to Al Dimeola, I think….


The Black Page…..Beat them till they’re down….the torture never stops…..



Ah yes, that boy Bozzio. He could do it all. He loved Punky. And, he was the man who mastered the black page.





Your Heavenly Bank Account is Torturing the Planet



One of the biggest problems facing the United States is the unfettered operation of Christianist organizations devoted to enriching far right wing wackjobs and whipping up the rubes into racist, sexist,xenophobic, and homophobic frenzies. They are wildly successful. It also make sure than many upper lower class and lower middle class people never make it because instead of saving for their kids and retirement, they give a bunch of money to nutjob christianists. We need to tax the churches the same way we tax the music industry, or alcohol, or strip clubs.

Highway to Hell, Stairway to Heaven, whatever: The torture of corporate rock never stops……



The irony escapes many. Zappa sometimes spoofed genres and individual acts, or even did covers just to show that his crew could do their work better than they could, even when they were supposed to be “gods” of rock. The torture of corporate culture never stops. Now, they’ve made sure that no real musicians have an avenue to make millions, only toadies or trust funders….When she gets there she knows what she’s paid for…..Kudos to Robert Plant for not cashing in.

Stevie’s Spanking—the Torture never stops!



Ah yes. Torture. Nice Theme for Zappadan 2014. I’m hoping the miracle will be that Cheney, Bush, and Rumsfeld are arrested and tried in international court for war crimes. But, that would just be so not the way things work in fascist America. And, the Swiss and the Swedes don’t seem big on kidnapping terrorists and bringing them to trial.