War Against Islam 10.0, the “Oh Mighty ISIS” edition.


Goat Fucking all over again…

A gaggle of dissident Syrian Sunni cab drivers kidnapped and murdered a couple of hipster journalists who were flouting travel precautions to uncivilized areas, so now it is imperative that we bomb the fuck out of everyone, or, at least someone. Barak Hussein Obama must prove that he isn’t an actual member of Al Quaida and the head of ISIS by just bombing someone. Anyone. It’ll help, right? It’ll help get him back in favor the the military industrial complex. It’ll help Hillary the Neocon in her bid to become the next Republican President. It’ll help everyone who wants permanent war in the Middle East. The reason why ISIS rose so quickly is because we funded it through secret Saudi funds to supposed “moderates” in Syria. This was because people thought Obama looked like a sissy compared to Putin, and they wanted him to “do something” about Assad. So, we had our theocratic “friends” who bombed us on 9-11 pick our “moderates” to give them arms. Way to go! Everyone at the CIA needs to be fired or placed into early retirement. They can move to Arizona. It’ll still wind up going “mexican” once “mexican” Americans finally become enfranchised.


One thing is clear, now is the time for an independent Kurdistan. They are the only nation in the area. All they lack is control over their lands. Turkey needs to be brought into the civilized world by relinquishing their ethnic and religious hatred and acknowledging that Kurdistan is an important and meaningful state, and that it is vital to the stability of the region. They can even profit from this. I hope Erdogan and the rest can swallow their ethnocentrism and see this.  The ONLY actor in this conflict who we should be assisting with arms is Kurdistan, and only if they are moving to be a real state. Fuck Syrian terrorists. Fuck Iraq. Iraq needs to be encouraged to forge alliances with Iran if they can’t defeat Sunni terrorists. And, we should be facilitating this, not blocking it.

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