Fuck Civility.

Today an upper class white guy who was really angry about being detained by a cyclist on his way home from church honked at me, buzzed me, and then slammed on his brakes and got out of his car to threaten me with bodily harm. He was a good Christian. Fat, ugly, white, old (about my age, but looking bad….) the whole package, with a cross on a chain, even! Driving a Lexus within 100 yard of his house (so I was costing him maybe 10 seconds of his life to wait and turn when it was safe). Obviously, once the fat fuck got closer he realized that I’d kick his fucking ass without raising my heart rate, but I’m sure he was packing a gun so he continued to try to escalate things until I took pictures of his license plate and said I was calling the pigs. I’m sure when he jumped out of his car he was having a hard-on about harassing some 20-year old, rather than wind up having someone older than him ask who the fuck he was and where he lived…..I had no intention of being civil to some motherfucker who literally risked my life and then threatened me. I told him I didn’t like him, and that he was a “fucking moron” and I meant it.

I”m supposed to be civil by not calling this guy a fucking fat ass moron dipfuck when he almost ran me over? To say such things is uncivil. He almost killed me, and then threatened me! It was all I could do not to beat the living fuck out of this moron. But, saying “fuck you” to him, is an incivility…..Kind of like the people in Gaza, whose children are being murdered, but it’s uncivil to call the murderers “asshoiles” or “fuckshits” or whatever.

Civility is a tool of conservatism. It is a normative crutch that constrains beliefs and behaviors about interactions with diverse others. It is potentially good, of course, since it specifies that we might try to be good to others. But, more often than not, it is a behavioral brake that insulates those who by virtue of their privileged position are able to dominate and abuse other citizens.

Recently, the far right has coopted many universities to once again attack free speech, on the grounds that saying fuck and shit like that is uncivil. This is exactly the same shit that went down in the 1960s with the free speech movement, which makes this some much more haunting, stupid, scary,  and idiotic. Fuck you, you fucking fucks.

We have deanlets and deanlings monitoring our correspondence, following us on blogs and facebook and twitter. That shit is illegal.  They have no right or reason to search our non-university correspondence . Period. If they are doing so, they can be sued under federal law, I think.

Last time I heard, my contract is based on my peer-reviewed publications. You can refer to those,……

And, of course, some might wonder about my Illinois colleague who was just fired for not adhering to the Zionist line about child murder and ethnic cleansing in Gaza. So far, the fascists who fired Salaita haven’t tried to expand their campaign to professors in other parts of the system. But, I expect that we”ll see them try to enact “neutral” civility laws which prevent dissidents from expressing dissent in terms that deviate from third grade English. Anything truly visceral or critical will be deemed “uncivil.”

Fuck Civility

Dumb all over, a little ugly on the side……

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