“Grooming New Leaders” = Finding Asskissing Yes People.

I feel the Pulse of the Populace, I can feel it!

I can tell you really like this. You’re going to be a leader of the herd.

One of the latest management fads in higher education is to tout “leadership” as a guiding principle. Basically, this affirms the fact that our corporate administrators don’t want to benefit from the advice and counsel of their experienced, professional faculty. Instead, they want to shove a bunch of crap down our throats, in everything from book buying to online courses to athletic escalation to curriculum and grades. So, in order to try to sell their bullshit bill of goods, these losers have been conducting “leadership development” workshops where they try to identify the worthless loser shithook faculty members who are willing to sell their souls to make $20k more. Of course, if these worthless loser faculty members would have known they were such worthless loser whores when they were 25, they could have gotten MBA’s or JD’s. But, now we get them pulling this shit for their mid-life crisis. Anyone who has ever attended such a workshop should feel ashamed and dirty. I think you are a loser and a worthless piece of shit. If you want to make more money, wait tables in summer. Teach an extra course. Or, better yet, pack your lunch to school and bring some ground coffee for a $10 coffee maker instead of buying Starbucks for $5 a day. Higher education doesn’t need leadership, and certainly not the kind of leadership that has to be cultivated by some corporatist cult.


3 Responses to ““Grooming New Leaders” = Finding Asskissing Yes People.”

  1. ktward (@ktward61) Says:

    So, you have tenure, right? 🙂

  2. sherkat Says:

    Since 1994…..

  3. Philip N. Cohen Says:


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