The Chosen and the Ignored: Gaza Genocide Edition

Obviously, you are not of the Chosen!

Obviously, you are not of the Chosen!

The increasingly unhinged right wing nutjob religious extremists who control Zionist Israel are now using their Military Industrial Complex Subsidies to the full hilt, massacring and maiming thousands of civilians. For what? Well, obvi9usly, for ethnic cleansing. They are continuing a decades long project from the Zionist far right to create a “greater Israel” and to remove Muslims, Christians, Druze, and others from “their” god given territory. It’s almost funny that the religious right in the US supports this, given that Palestine used to have a very substantial Christian minority—much larger than the Jewish population in the 19th Century (which wasn’t that fucking long ago….), and rivaling the Jews even at the point of the passage of the British Mandate in 1948. Yet, now, American fundamentalist Christians are all for sending billions of dollars to Israel to murder Palestinians and steal their land. Because, that way, Jesus will come back sooner. Boomer Sooner, Boomer Sooner…..


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