Revenge of the Shit Poll

Shit polls have made a comeback!

Shit polls have made a comeback!



Dewey Wins!! Ah yes, what have we here, some teabagger economist from a women’s college just beat House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in the GOP primary! Wow, but did you see the really good part? According to all of the “polls” Cantor had a 34 point lead. Yes, 34 points. Gee, that’s one whopping confidence interval, isn’t it?!!! One whore pollster was identified as John McGlaughlin, who does not play guitar, but maybe would be better at that than he is at scientific polling. Indeed, in the only indicator based on empirical reality, Brat beat Cantor 55-45….a landslide, really. Not even close. This is what we’ve come to with whore pollsters. I look forward to much more of this. Hopefully, all these people will go broke and we’ll get back to doing science. Shit polls are shit.


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