Religious Nutjobs influencing Education

Fired for being too cool.

Fired for being too cool.

I used to believe the Jesus crowd. How they were really supportive of science and education. They really wanted to be “universities” and not “bible colleges” and shit like that. Well, we’re seeing those  true colors in South Carolina from the Southern Baptist Convention controlled Charleston Southern University. They have apparently fired a teaching -award-winning sociologist who came to Charleston Southern mostly because of the potential for tenure—he had previously been non tenure tracked (and very successful) at College of Charleston. And, no, there’s nothing more to this. This guy is happily married to a woman. I have it on good measure that he’s an upstanding guy and an awesome teacher (from one of his former colleagues at College of Charleston).

These low-life dickhead administrators  at Charleston Southern thought it was proper to fire someone from an associate professor without tenure job because they felt that his image on a can threatened their commitment to the prohibition of alcohol. Because they think that anyone who drinks alcohol is going to hell. I’m betting their students disagree. I’m not even going to bother with the facts that poor Roof had no control over his image and shit like that, who fucking cares? Why? Tell us, please. Why did you fire this guy? Admit it. You think that any association with alcohol is a serious offense because you think that alcohol is a grave sin. Put that up front and center for your hiring of new professors from now on. Better yet, put it up in bold on your recruitment materials for new students “any student caught drinking or promoting drinking will be expelled.”  Don’t bury it in some student code, put it on the front of your website. You won’t get many students or professors wanting to come to CSU,  and they’ll all suck.  All of these colleges should  suffer from the defection of students who realize that they are paying top dollar for an inferior product. You’d fire your best people for being on a beer can and getting no money from it? What else would you do? Is there anyone worth a shit who wouldn’t down a beer now and again? Or at least be tolerant of those who would?


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