Why Obamacare will foster gun control.

He's got a gun!

He’s got a gun!


While the gun nuts in the NRA successfully weakened direct responses to gun safety and violence in the Affordable Care Act, the overall bill will be the doom of radical gun nuts. Everyone hates the insurance industry. They have a very lucrative oligopoly, and consumers are required to have insurance on their homes, cars, businesses, and now for our health. It’s that last one that is finally going to get the gun nuts. Before Obamacare, most Americans injured by gun crimes and accidents (which is probably a dramatically increasing figure given the types of guns now prevalent and the decreasing attention to gun safety), were the working poor. People who generally did not have insurance, and eventually because of injury and disability wound up on Medicaid. The insurance industry doesn’t give a rat’s ass about government costs from gun violence, only their own costs.  Most gun victims are young, and before Obamacare, that made it even more likely that they were uninsured. Before Obamacare, young people with good jobs and insurance tended not to be gun owners and tend to be responsible if they were, and the middle classes are much less likely to be victims of gun crime as well. When the uninsured barista at Starbuck’s gets shot by some asshole and winds up with hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills,  she’d wind up on Medicaid and the taxpayers will pick up the tab.Now, she’s on Obamacare and the insurance company has to pony up.

Insurance companies have a different stake on gun violence now—much like what happened with automobile safety in the 1960s. The gun industry is now going to be costing the insurance industry big time, and the insurance industry is going to fight back with regulations to make gun injuries less common. Billions of dollars are at stake every year. Nobody cared when it was the USA paying the tab (particularly since CMS cannot record how much it is costing us in Medicaid, Medicare, or in the VA….). But you can bet your AK-47 that Blue Cross is on it. Every time some dumbass drops their pistol in a Wal Mart, all of those bills are going to be paid by an insurance company—-and they are going to go after the gun owners and manufacturers. They’re going to demand that you buy gun insurance, just like they did for car insurance. They’re going to demand that you have a high quality gun safe and store your weapons properly. They’re going to want trigger locks, smart safety systems, limits on magazine capacity, eliminating destructive bullets, preventing the sale or production of  cheap pistols which can only be used for shooting people at close range. Gun prices are going to soar with the increased regulation, and assault weapons will be the first to go. Gun manufacturers will once again be able to be sued for defective products. It’s gonna be awesome!


2 Responses to “Why Obamacare will foster gun control.”

  1. schmielt Says:

    Excellent, excellent arguments! Really heartening! I hope you’re right!

  2. sherkat Says:

    Yeah, me too…..But, I can’t imagine the insurance industry taking this up the ass with no lube, so to speak. They’re going to treat this the same way they do everything. You got shot at WalMart/ Who owned the gun? Why did it go off when it failed? Who made the gun? Who made the holster? Did those things contribute to the accident?…….

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