Race, Religion, and Support for Capital Punishment



Trends in Support for Capital Punishment, General Social Survey

Trends in Support for Capital Punishment, General Social Survey

Christian Barbarism was in full display this week in Oklahoma, with Christian officials moving forward to murder prisoners despite not having legitimate drugs for their lethal injection system. Post-Christian Europe cut us off from the pharmaceuticals because they don’t want to promote barbarism. As a consequence, there have been several brutally botched executions throughout the country. The latest in cruel and unusual punishment was perhaps the worst. But, white Christian Americans are willing to do anything to continue to execute brown people according to their interpretation of their religion. Funny, though, Christianity doesn’t work the same way for African Americans.  “Only” 63% of those who reject the divine authority of the Bible support capital punishment. What is interesting is that the Christian gods work differently among African Americans—I suspect that they find a disconnect between the gods and the white people who prosecute the gods’ laws.

Thankfully, even white Americans are becoming less comfortable with state sponsored murder, though an astonishing number still support it. Above you can see the trend over four decades divided by race and by religious beliefs. More than three fourths of white fundamentalists continue to support cruel and unusual punishments, in line with the sadistic and unethical prescriptions for retribution from their evil gods. Indeed, only 42% of African American fundamentalists support execution—while 50% of secular African Americans are barbarians.

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