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The Court Giveth, and the Court Taketh Away…..


Everyone is happy that justice prevailed in Michigan, and that the Reagan appointed judge smacked the shit out of Regnerus and the other loony tunes testifying against civil rights, but while everyone was celebrating and doing horrid little dances like those smirking christianists from Mercer after the Duke game, something really bad happened on the other side of the country. Something that people like Mark Regnerus and Bradley Wilcox will be quite pleased about. In a case that has been simmering for 7 years in the courts, a conservative christianist criminologist, Mike Adams, won a decision against UNC-Wilmington and his full-professor colleagues (who were sued individually) for discriminating against him for promotion to full professor because of his religious and political beliefs. This is exactly the shit that I predicted would happen long ago. Adams is now a full time right wing ideologue, and has been long before Regnerus came out of the closet.

So, why did he win? Because of public sociology. Because there really are a lot of left wing scholars who get promoted because they are considered the cool people who deserve promotion. They don’t deserve promotion, but since they’re in the political majority (atheism doesn’t help promotion, contrary to popular right wing beliefs, but conservative Christianity can hurt promotion). I’m not familiar with Adams, who got is PhD at Miss State in 1993, nor with any of his colleagues, since he is a minor leaguer at a school that grants a masters degree in Criminology and PUBLIC SOCIOLOGY. I have had some interaction with his current chair, Leslie Hossfeld, who is a full professor who received her PhD in 2002 from NC State. Since she’s listed on the lawsuit I assume that she was a tenured professor in 2007 when Adams was denied, and may well have been a full professor.   Hossfeld is a strong advocate for liberal public sociology, who advocates engaging communities in support for progressive political issues.  Neither of them list CV’s on the web sites, and google scholar does little to help adjudicate their relative scholarly strengths. But, my cursory assessment is that both are of similar weight (light), as the court appears to have agreed in assessing Adams versus his other liberal colleagues, and the content of the work that they claim is scholarly. Advocacy is not scholarship, but if a sociology department rewards liberal advocacy and does not reward conservative advocacy, then it is discriminating—and feeding the persecution fantasies of the christianist right. It appears that while Adam’s bullshit, pseudointellectual, activist non-publications were not valued in his promotion, the similar products of his liberal colleagues were.

So, while little Marky Mark and his buddies got their wrists slapped by a conservative judge, their value in the academy has also risen, thanks to the public sociology movement. I have no doubt that it will be impossible not to promote Regnerus to full professor. If they deny him, he’ll sue and he’ll win. Public sociology rejected scholarly standards in favor of liberal activism; it redefined success and progress in the field. It counted liberal activism as scholarship, but not conservative activism. So now we have no standards, and the conservatives are going to take over. Thanks, idiots.


Kids have no more sex these days than 25 years ago–Hookup “culture” is bullshit.

Fornication and celibacy rates for unmarried people 25 and under, 1988-2012 GSS

Fornication and celibacy rates for unmarried white people 25 and under, 1988-2012 GSS

Dipshits like Camile Paglia, Bradley Wilcox, and Ross Douchehat like to argue that somehow the fate of contemporary America is threatened by the sluttiness of younger generations who fuck everyone they meet and refuse to get married. Let’s just examine this empirically, is there a developing generational culture in which people have sex withoug commitment? Really? Compared to when? We now have data going back to 1988 in the GSS on the number of sex partners in the last year.

I examine this in five year blocks for white Americans (other ethnicities show similar non-trends, but they are too small  a proportion of the sample to make serious inferences from) 25 or under who have never married. The first block of years is from 1988-1993,  so the oldest of those people would be 52 right now, and the youngest respondents in that age/period group would be 40 in 2014. Those people—which could have included me—have lower rates of monogamy and higher rates of having more than one, and more than two sex partners in the same year when compared to respondents under the age of 25 interviewed in later periods of the GSS. If there is a “trend” it is that monogamy has become more common for young people over the last two and a half decades. People are sleeping around LESS. And, they are just as likely to be celibate as they were 25 years ago or so. And, a higher percentage of young people report having no sex partners in the last year than report having more than two in any of the time periods. More people are celibate than are “sleeping around” (if having sex with three people in a year  while unmarried  is sleeping around). Sixty percent of young people these days were either monogamous or celibate in the last year, up from 56% for people in my cohort. My guess is that if we had reliable data from earlier periods, it would show a linear decline in sex partners and an increase in monogamy from the 1970s through the period I can examine (1988-2012). Just because you can see titties on TV, and people say naughty words on television, does not mean that people are fucking random people all the time, not even young, unmarried people. Go jerk off to something else.

Making a Religious Free Market through Taxing the Churches


Religious organizations in America are subsidized by billions of dollars a year in uncollected taxes on property, operation, and other assets. In some areas, property taxes are strangled because much of the property is owned by absentee religious groups (the Mormons are huge into that racket, but they are not alone). And, in every city and county, churches and their properties occupy huge expanses of land, suck off the infrastructure of the state, and pay nothing or little. They are parasites. They sell a cultural product which is considered valuable by their own members, but noxious by people in other religious groups or the growing percent of the US population who does not value religion—and many of us consider it more of a public bad than a public good.

Religious groups are like any other cultural firm—strip clubs, craft stores, motocross parks, athletic clubs, private schools (yeah, that’s right… public access, no free ride for private schools, either), recording studios, etc. Indeed, religious groups can  and do compete in these other cultural markets as well. In my humble college town the only children’s basketball and football  leagues  are Christian leagues. Many churches have basketball courts, and they also have day care facilities, and other private enterprises. All housed in tax free land.  That’s unfair competition for REAL private enterprises that aren’t sucking off the teat of socialist subsidy. Gold’s Gym has to buy a facility and equipment and pay property tax, yet fundamentalist megachurches are allowed to have gyms for their members….and not pay taxes on the land or on the quid-pro arrangement granting religious members access to a private good. It’s an unfair system that costs the United States billions of dollars in tax revenue, and strangles communities, many of them struggling to maintain basic services.

All religious property and product should be taxed, the same as art, music, food, or any other cultural good.

The Butthurt of Christian Sociology

It couldn't be that I'm fucking a statue.

It couldn’t be that I’m fucking a statue.

Well, Marky Mark is testifying against civil rights for his fellow Americans up in Michigan, but I’m too controversial to say anything about it. I guess since I’m at bullshit state, and since I say “fuck” a lot that makes me unqualified, so the plaintiffs have no quantitative social scientists to counter Regnerus’ bullshit.

Ah, and what does Marky Mark say about my assessment of his little bullshit paper in my audit for SSR? He claims that I’m a long time detractor. And an evil anti-Christian who has always opposed his work.

Yeah. Fuck you. Fuck you, all of you fucking fucks. How did you get your job? If it were not for me, it is very likely that Mark Regnerus would have remained at Calvin College. Indeed, if it were not for me, it is very likely that Mark Regnerus’ dissertation advisor would have been denied tenure at UNC. I’m so sick of these whining losers. I put all of my own personal biases aside, and  double checked them. I knew that these guys were conservative Christians, and since I was an atheist, I felt compelled to give them a chance and to not let my own personal beliefs and preferences influence my assessment of their research. Atheists are moral like that, unlike Christians.

When my old mentor Tony Oberschall called and said that they wanted to fire Christian Smith and he wanted to know why they shouldn’t, I argued that while Christian’s work was theoretically uninformed and would never be published in top tier journals, it was, nonetheless, much like demography. Christian was documenting the contours of social movements and religion, so that others might eventually make sense of them. It worked, unfortunately. Notably, in his “we’re going to fire you” pre-tenure review, Christian had been told that he should be doing more theoretically informed work, like some guy at Vanderbilt was doing.

Regnerus took a job at the conservative Christian Calvin College, but quickly realized that he needed a bigger mouthpiece. He claimed he wanted to be at a more research focused place, and I was happy to support his candidacy—easy enough to do since my old friend and co-author Chris Ellison was pulling the strings at Texas. But, I meant it. Regnerus really is a bright guy and a decent researcher–back when he wasn’t trying to prove a political point. That’s how I know he’s full of shit with his bullshit Fucked Up Family Study or whatever. Marky knows that is shit. Loser ass non-quants may not know that, but Marky is smarter than that. Which also means that he’s become a total political operative. But, that’s what’s become of all of the new Christian Sociologists. It doesn’t matter what the topic is, they’ll mislead you on family, science, sex, race, and even how we should confront AIDS in Africa! Gee, you think any of our Christian Sociologists have ties to the Kill the Gays shit? I can’t imagine……As soon as these people make tenure they become right wing political activists. That’s an empirical fact.