Tracking support for Barbarism: Trends in Americans attitudes toward Capital Punishment

Gallup "data" on support for Capital Punishment

Gallup “data” on support for Capital Punishment

A while back, the whore pollsters were charting trends in support for the death penalty, and their data seemed to suggest increasing opposition. Of course, whore polls are so suck ass that we have no clue as to the level of support or opposition, much less trends. Yesterday, the state of Texas murdered a mentally deficient Mexican citizen, in total violation of international law, it is a shame on our nation that the Supreme Court refused the stay of execution, and Mexico—which never had the death penalty in its jurisprudence—is reeling from this blatant violation of international law. Some retarded guy killed a cop and then is murdered 20 years later by a bunch of rednecks using experimental cocktails of drugs. Wow. We suck. What a bunch of fucking barbarians the Americans are. No respect for life, liberty, or the pursuit of happiness. All we want is vengence, but only if someone white was harmed and if the supposed perpetrator was brown. We don’t care about silly things like whether or not the perpetrator was mentally ill or retarded. Drug manufacturers from civilized countries (now the majority of drug manufacturers because of the decline of the United States as a scientific power) have started forbidding the sale of “execution drugs” and this has created a severe shortage of the “more humane” murder tools. The result has  been that the prison-industrial complex just whipped up their own drugs to kill people with, leading to horrifically gruesome executions which tortured their victims for half an hour. It’s 2014 and we’re torture poisoning people in the name of “justice.” Of course, spurred by largely Christian religious fervor to punish evil doers, Americans think that retribution is justice.

Trends in Support for Capital Punishment: 1974-20112 GSS

Trends in Support for Capital Punishment: 1974-20112 GSS

The Gallup data are crap and their trends do not correspond to the overall patterning of support over time, but they are correct that support for murdering people is on the decline. But why? There are two factors driving the trend. First, fewer Americans adhere to Christianity, and particularly to the uncivilized form of sectarian Christianity. Indeed, MORE American Christians are now Catholic, and Catholics abandoned barbarism on this issue long ago. If you are a good Catholic, you should be opposed to execution.  Non-Christians and people who reject religion are much more likely to oppose state sanctioned murder, and their ranks are increasing. Second, non-whites understand that they and theirs are the ones who will be arbitrarily murdered if they are convicted (sometimes wrongly)  of a crime. And, non-whites make up an increasing fraction of the US population. It’d be nice of President Obama would use his power for good and impose a blanket moratorium on capital punishment, or even commute all of the death sentences handed out by our barbaric sharia-like law.

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