First Bummer of Zappadan: Nelson Mandela dead at 95.


Great run for the icon of fighting against racism and rebirthing a post-colonial Africa. I was big into the anti-Apartheid movement back in the 1980s, and Mandela was a hero. I can’t believe what he did or how he took his pain and suffering. I can’t believe he lived to be 95. What an amazing person. I’m glad he’s done with his suffering. I was hanging with my buddy Johnny Voss one day last summer and Mandela was very ill, and Johnny had the TV on and the sound off and it was all Mandela and we both thought he was dead. No sorrow though, only celebration. Wow, what a life. He wasn’t dead yet. Now, he is. But what a run that human had.

In the high holy days of Zappadan, it is only right to point out that Zappa’s frequent collaborator George Duke served as the musical director at the Nelson Mandela tribute concert at Wembley Stadium in London in 1988. Duke was one of the greatest musicians in all of Rock and Roll, and he died earlier this year. Here is George with Dweezil and crew in 2010.


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