Family, Mortality, and the Christian Right

Wake up Mommy....

Wake up Mommy….


For the Christian Right, anything outside of the heterosexual nuclear family, and the patriarchal lineage of that family, is unrecognizeable. People who remarry, are gay, or simply don’t wind up getting married for whatever reason—and especially if they simply don’t want to—are anti-family. Nothing meaningful ever happens for them because all of the meaning and purpose in life is rooted in the patriarchal heteresexual family.

Those people are a bunch of assholes who are clueless to how the real world works. Family is more complicated. One of my old friends just suffered the death of her former mother in law. She’s divorced, of course, and for the Christian right that means her family is no longer. But, nah. She loved this woman to the end. She was family, and continued to be family. I always felt that way about my ex-in laws, and when my ex-father in law died I was truly sad. Conservative religious people think that any deviation from their script means that civil relations are impossible, even for FAMILY. Some family values, eh. For the rest of us, a relationship not working out doesn’t mean that you cast out other people who are important in your life.  And, that attitude from conservative Christians, Muslims, Jews, and whatever is leading to their decline. Good riddance.


One Response to “Family, Mortality, and the Christian Right”

  1. Staffan Says:

    Well, that was pretty categorical. Almost like saying, “all black people are alike.” But I guess different rules apply depending on where your sympathies are.

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