USA is NUMBER 1!!! Fuck Yeah! Religion, Opiates, and Misguided Nationalism

Perceptions of the US: General Social Survey

Perceptions of the US: General Social Survey

Ah yes, we really are the best nation in the world. We have a perfect democracy, a complete justice system of law enforcement, the highest standard of living in the world, the best of everything. Some idiots actually believe that shit. And, just who might these idiots be? Why, Christian Nutjobs, of course! Because the opiate of Jesus makes you blind to the realities around you and to the suffering of people who aren’t Jesus boinking idiots just like you (or who are, but have the wrong skin color….). And, of course, mostly it makes people blind to the reality that a substantial fraction of the planet has moved well beyond us on all measures of social well-being. You know, shit like life span, health disparities across ethnic groups, median income, wealth, inequality, functioning democracy, social mobility, educational performance, crime, human rights….shit like that. We basically suck, and are now fighting it out with Portugal and Turkey for the bottom feeder positions among “industrial democracies.”

But, we are Jesus’ chosen nation. Not Belgium, or even the Netherlands, much less Finland. And, since we are the nation of Jesus, we must be the best nation in the world, otherwise Jesus would not be an American. As you can see above, the religious rubes who believe the Bible is the absolute word of god think that America is the greatest nation in the world, that we have the highest quality of life, are just fucking better than other countries, and that if the rest of the world would be more American, it’d be a better place. On the first two items nearly 90% of the fundies think USA is number 1, and the less fundy aren’t too far behind. Many of the seculars also misjudge American superiority. And, of course, in order to be TRULY AMERICAN you MUST be Christian, so says two thirds of  Fundamentalist Christian Americans. Jesus Fuck a Bunny in the Ass. We’re Number 1! USA USA USA!

2 Responses to “USA is NUMBER 1!!! Fuck Yeah! Religion, Opiates, and Misguided Nationalism”

  1. ktward (@ktward61) Says:

    “… the opiate of Jesus makes you blind to the realities around you …”

    Amen. Brilliant bumper sticker, that.
    But like most all bumper stickers, its message is both spot-on yet grossly inadequate.

    I don’t see a link to the actual survey this graph represents so I can’t dig into the nuts and bolts of it. What struck me as immediately curious, though, is that apparently even 15% of atheists (I’m assuming that “Book of Fables” indicates atheists of various ilk) buy into the We’re #1! meme.* This suggests that nationalistic perceptions are not strictly guided by religion. Christian or otherwise. Sure sure, high correlation between a country’s endemic religion and nationalistic sensibility (US is hardly unique here), but clearly there’s a causality that is not religion-specific.

    *I think you touch upon this with your mention of secularists. Except that plenty of secularists are also religious; secularists simply strive for a complete separation of church and state when it comes to governance and public policy. So, in measuring levels of scriptural belief in correlation to n, as this graph indicates, then the Book of Fables group seems clearly atheist but by no means necessarily secular. Just saying.

    Btw, I genuinely enjoy reading your blog: you bring plenty of substance, natch, but for whatever twisted reasons I’m a sucker for your down & dirty style. (Maybe because I was a potty mouth before kids, cleaned my act up during kids, and now I finally get to return to my potty mouth roots.)

    Anyhoo, I’m a native Chicagoan (by way of birth and early childhood in Ft. Lauderdale FL), my kids are Chicago born and bred; my daughter got her undergrad degree in Social Science (Psych minor) at ISU, my son got his undergrad degree in Music Performance at NIU. We’re fellow IL peeps, is what I’m saying. But perhaps equally relevant, I was raised, until 8th grade, as a Fundie Christian. (Long story short, some seriously fucked up stuff.) My kids? Raised as UUs. For plenty of solid reasons. My daughter still self-identifies as UU though there is at present no UU community for her to join. My son (firstborn) self-identifies as an atheist on some days, an agnostic on others. His darling fiancee, unquestionably his soulmate, was raised as a strict Catholic and she jumps through a whole lot of hoops to maintain peace with her family, and I totally get why she does because they’re altogether lovely, loving peeps. My view is this: Religion is not going away. Certainly not within the next few generations. Keep religion out of government policy, but accept it socially. In a democracy, we have the right to believe in whatever it is that gets us through the day and brings personal meaning to our lives. Some folks need a crucified deity, other folks just need crystals and incense. Who are we to judge? Just keep all of that shit out of public policy and we can all be happy campers. Well, most of us anyway.

  2. sherkat Says:

    I don’t take this shit too seriously. If people want to look at scholarship, you can google-scholar my work. This was originally meant to help me connect with my three friends, but I guess I morphed into a satirical blog making fun of my many enemies and the world in general. I grew up in the Assembly of God, but my dad was a secular Muslim from an aristocratic family. So, I know a few things, but mostly I just try to have fun.

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