Are the Gays Causing Marital Infidelity?

Percentage reporting having had an extramarital affair by gender: 1991-2012

Percentage reporting having had an extramarital affair by gender: 1991-2012

This week in Right Wing Asshatery, our favorite Christian Sociologist Marky Mark Regnerus argued that gay marriage will indeed destroy straight marriages by making them like Dan Savage. Yes, gay normativity of monogamishness will make men want to stray from the true path of monogamy and explore! It seems likely that this will make us all lustful cockmonsters. And why not the women? Well, you sillies, of course not the women. Women hate sex and they only have sex to get the enchanted gratitude from their soft patriarch! Duh! So, I wonder, is any of this true? We all know that America has become totally gay, we love gays, and we hate Christians. So, this must have caused men and not women to run out and have affairs, right? Well, let’s just see. Above is the trend in self reported extramarital affairs from the 1991-2012 GSS. As you can see, in the early 1990s men were about twice as likely to report extramarital sex, and fewer than one in ten women reported having had an affair. Jump forward to the Gay 21st Century, and you can see….oh wait. Men are pretty much unchanged, some random fluctuation upward followed by a downturn, and they sit just over 20%–not far from where they were two decades ago. Women, however, have increased their extramarital sex by 50%,  those sluts! Now, the gap between women and men has actually SHRUNK, because of the gays? Maybe women just don’t quite wanna wait around for their limp patriarchs’ enchanted gratitude for all of their baby birthing and house cleaning and shit like that? Maybe the gays made the women want to have sex?

Trend in acceptability of homsexuality and extramarital sex: 1973-2012 GSS

Trend in acceptability of homsexuality and extramarital sex: 1973-2012 GSS

Or maybe Christian sociology is just full of shit? The acceptance of homosexuality has nothing to do with the acceptance of infidelity, and GSS data from the last 40 years show that quite clearly. Above is the trend in the belief that extramarital sex and homosexuality are sometimes ok–not “always wrong.” You can see the two are about the same until Bill Clinton was not having very good sex for Monica Lewinsky, which made everyone love gays while continuing to loathe extramarital sex. Indeed, in the 40 years of the GSS, Americans have actually become LESS accepting of extramarital sex, while becoming dramatically MORE accepting of homosexuality. So, yes, Christian Sociology is simply full of shit.

4 Responses to “Are the Gays Causing Marital Infidelity?”

  1. schmielt Says:

    Evidence is not their strong suit.

  2. sherkat Says:

    This is where there “critical realism” kicks in—evidence doesn’t matter if you’re critical of reality.

  3. schmielt Says:

    God IS reality. You can’t fight that. You can’t argue that. Fucking arrogance at its height.

  4. etseq Says:

    Isn’t Christian Smith real big on Bhaskar’s anti-naturalism, um, I mean “critical realism” And don’t most scientists think Bhaskar is kinda kooky? Sounds to me like a stealth version of Intelligent Design where you can sneak in supernatural causes in an attempt to discredit methodological naturalism….

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