How Right Wing Mutherfuckers have Ruined Everything: Wonkette Edition


I feel the Pulse of the Populace, I can feel it!

I wanna fuck you like an animal. .

The talented and gracious Editrix at Wonkette obliged me with a guest post…..

And we are so fucked. I remember dancing with glee when Lisa Keister and I got $12k from Russell Sage, and we didn’t really expect it even though the main grant person in charge was a former student of mine. In contrast, these Christianists can snap their fingers and get $100k, and for a real proposal it is not out of the question to get $5 million or more.  Regenerus got almost a million dollars for a handjob. And the rest of us….we fight for the nothing that is social scientific funding. It’s no wonder that many prominent sociologists have been sucking up to the religious right!



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