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Racism is so over in the South, and Same Sex Marriage is Cool

Opposition to racial intermarriage: 2000-2002 GSS

Opposition to racial intermarriage: 2000-2002 GSS

This week the Supremes completely trashed 40 years of civil rights progress on ethnicity and voting, and then came out the next day and issued landmark extensions of civil rights for same sex couples. It’s a bit hard to tag how this fits, and no doubt the swing voters are the key people to understand, but much of the decision on eviscerating the Voting Rights Act swung on the issue of need. Empirically, the court was swayed by the argument that in the most virulently racist states, rates of voter registration have become relatively equal across racial groups (or, rather, for Blacks and Whites—nobody else seems to matter in this logic). Yet, in the real world, there is an active campaign by Republicans to limit voting, purge voter rolls, and make it harder for the poor, young, and especially minorities to vote. Moved in the last year?, you can’t vote. Didn’t renew your driver’s license (because you can’t afford a car or insurance)? you can’t vote. Never did drive or travel to need a passport? forget it. The Republicans are confident that they can dramatically impact elections by denying Americans the right to vote, and they have been heavily invested in this strategy for more than two decades. It’s hard to fathom how the court saw it as unnecessary,  unless we think of it as a “states’ rights” issue, where the “wrong” is considered to be the additional scrutiny on racist Southern states. But, there is no racism in the South, is there? I mean, Mississippi outlawed slavery this year, there can’t be any racism.  The GSS does show substantial racism in the Midwest, as well, maybe suggesting that we should EXPAND the region of scrutiny, rather than give states free reign.

Above you can see the chart by region of support for one of the most virulent forms of racism, opposition to interracial marriage. The Supreme Court “solved” that one in Loving v Virginia in 1967, but nonetheless many remain in disagreement. Unfortunately, the GSS has discontinued many items on things like this. Archane racist, sexist, xenophobic, and other hostile orientations are just no fun to track. Unless you understand that in SOME groups or places these opinions are preponderate. Indeed, in the very regions subject to additional scrutiny for voting issues, you can see that large pluralities–even in the 21st Century—disagree with Loving. Over 30% of respondents from the East South Central who are Republicans favor laws against interracial marriage, and 23% of non-Republicans admitted the same opinion to a NORC interviewer.

Sexuality and Religiosity Revisited: Don’t believe shit polls.

Religiosity and Sexuality: 1991-2012 GSS

Religiosity and Sexuality: 1991-2012 GSS

Last week, with much fanfare as always, the boys at Pew released a bullshit study supposedly examining the religious beliefs of LGBT persons—whatever that means. I happen to have done some real research on religion and sexuality, and it struck me that the estimates of the proportion of LGBT persons who reject religious identification and who don’t believe in gods were way too high. At first, I thought, well, I have behavioral measures of sexuality (who did you have sex with in the last five years), while they may have identity measures (are you gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered), and maybe that makes a difference? Then, I pulled up their press release, and what do I find? Well, Jesus fuck a bunny in the ass….the “Pew” data are actually taken from the same non-random marketing panel used by Marky Mark Regnerus! Awesome! So, this is not at all a random sample of LGBT persons (or anyone else), and so these estimates are simply unbelievable.  D0 nearly half of LGBT people reject religious identification? NO.

In light of the bullshit clouding our understandings of whether or not GLBT people are connected to religion, I decided to crank out some estimates from an honest to fuck national probability sample (N=857  people having sex with the same sex for religious identification and 472 for beliefs about gods) and revisit my findings from the 2002 JSSR paper. And, of course, since gender structures all of this, I present the results by gender. What I find is that non-identification is higher among sexual minorities, particularly bisexuals of both genders—but it is nowhere near 50%—the highest is 28% for bisexual females. Put another way, over three fourths of exclusively homosexual females  and males remain connected to a religious identification. Had I controlled for age and other demographics, I would find (as I did in the JSSR paper) that sexual minorities look like heterosexual males. Similarly, more gays, bisexuals, and lesbians reject gods, but this figure is based on lumping atheism, agnosticism, and “believe in a higher power but not a god”. The numbers are too small to justify leaving it at just Atheism or Agnosticism. Incidentally, GSS estimates of rates of atheism are slightly HIGHER for heterosexual men (4.2%) than for gays or lesbians (both with 4.1%).

I strongly suspect that the motivation for this “study” is to amplify that LGBT persons are outside of the mainstream and disconnected to religion. That gives more reason for religious people and religious groups to view LGBT people as outsiders. But, in reality, despite all of the shit religion puts people through, many LGBT people cling to their religious beliefs and identifications.

Are the Gays Causing Marital Infidelity?

Percentage reporting having had an extramarital affair by gender: 1991-2012

Percentage reporting having had an extramarital affair by gender: 1991-2012

This week in Right Wing Asshatery, our favorite Christian Sociologist Marky Mark Regnerus argued that gay marriage will indeed destroy straight marriages by making them like Dan Savage. Yes, gay normativity of monogamishness will make men want to stray from the true path of monogamy and explore! It seems likely that this will make us all lustful cockmonsters. And why not the women? Well, you sillies, of course not the women. Women hate sex and they only have sex to get the enchanted gratitude from their soft patriarch! Duh! So, I wonder, is any of this true? We all know that America has become totally gay, we love gays, and we hate Christians. So, this must have caused men and not women to run out and have affairs, right? Well, let’s just see. Above is the trend in self reported extramarital affairs from the 1991-2012 GSS. As you can see, in the early 1990s men were about twice as likely to report extramarital sex, and fewer than one in ten women reported having had an affair. Jump forward to the Gay 21st Century, and you can see….oh wait. Men are pretty much unchanged, some random fluctuation upward followed by a downturn, and they sit just over 20%–not far from where they were two decades ago. Women, however, have increased their extramarital sex by 50%,  those sluts! Now, the gap between women and men has actually SHRUNK, because of the gays? Maybe women just don’t quite wanna wait around for their limp patriarchs’ enchanted gratitude for all of their baby birthing and house cleaning and shit like that? Maybe the gays made the women want to have sex?

Trend in acceptability of homsexuality and extramarital sex: 1973-2012 GSS

Trend in acceptability of homsexuality and extramarital sex: 1973-2012 GSS

Or maybe Christian sociology is just full of shit? The acceptance of homosexuality has nothing to do with the acceptance of infidelity, and GSS data from the last 40 years show that quite clearly. Above is the trend in the belief that extramarital sex and homosexuality are sometimes ok–not “always wrong.” You can see the two are about the same until Bill Clinton was not having very good sex for Monica Lewinsky, which made everyone love gays while continuing to loathe extramarital sex. Indeed, in the 40 years of the GSS, Americans have actually become LESS accepting of extramarital sex, while becoming dramatically MORE accepting of homosexuality. So, yes, Christian Sociology is simply full of shit.

How Right Wing Mutherfuckers have Ruined Everything: Wonkette Edition



I feel the Pulse of the Populace, I can feel it!

I wanna fuck you like an animal. .

The talented and gracious Editrix at Wonkette obliged me with a guest post…..

And we are so fucked. I remember dancing with glee when Lisa Keister and I got $12k from Russell Sage, and we didn’t really expect it even though the main grant person in charge was a former student of mine. In contrast, these Christianists can snap their fingers and get $100k, and for a real proposal it is not out of the question to get $5 million or more.  Regenerus got almost a million dollars for a handjob. And the rest of us….we fight for the nothing that is social scientific funding. It’s no wonder that many prominent sociologists have been sucking up to the religious right!