Boston Marathon, Patriots’ Day, and Terrorism in the US—Got that one wrong….

Murrah Federal Building, Oklahoma City OK, 1995. I got my Socialist Security Card there....

Murrah Federal Building, Oklahoma City OK, 1995. I got my Socialist Security Card there….

Ah, Patriots’ Day, a good day for Christian Nationalist Patriots to commit terrorist acts in the United States, Just like Tim McVeigh did 18 years ago a couple of days after Patriot’s day—but I guess this time the Islamists were the players.  I’ll never forget watching the coverage of the OKC bombing in 1995, sitting there at the Boundry in Nashville, and watching as they pulled children’s bodies from the hulk of the building where I got my Social Security Card.

I ran the Boston Marathon in 2000, fulfilling a dream I had since I was 6 years old. Every serious runner wants to at least do Boston once. It is one of the only events where you have to demonstrate that you’re not some poser like Oprah or Paul Ryan. Qualifying times for Boston mean that anyone lined up isn’t just fit, they’re also fast. My spouse did Boston in 2006, and we were talking about the race this morning and wondering who we knew who might be running. I was tracking the progress of the son of one of my racing buddies, Mark Swartzendruber. Druber’s kid is fast, and Mark was a proud pappa announcing the 5k splits as they came in. Us old bike racing guys joined in to jeer at his “jogging”, but the kid obviously has his father’s considerable athletic ability and finished up in 2:42…damned good thing. Mark’s kid had just finished when I left for a training ride, and when I got to my regular stopping place to check my e-mail there was an ominous post from Mark “Nate’s family said he’s ok” and some eery comment about explosions near the finish.  I started checking the net for what had happened. It remains unclear at the time I write, but a set of terrorists placed bombs about 50 meters or so from the finish line of the race, and detonated them as the heart of the age group runners were finishing—I saw a video showing about 4:09 on the clock, or about a 4:04 finishing time for runners—which would be the prime time for masters women and older masters men. To put that in perspective, when Paul Ryan was 20 he ran a 4:01 at an easy marathon in Wisconsin (his time was over an hour off of a Boston qualifier), and in 2006 my spouse finished Boston in 3:46 when she was over 35 . Anyone who has done Boston and seen the videos knows that the blast happened in a place likely to be frequented by friends and family waiting for racers to finish. It isn’t surprising that an 8 year old kid is listed as a victim, perhaps waiting for mommy or daddy….My mother and my brother Danny waited for me right across the street from where the blast was centered.

Everyone urges caution at speculating about things like this, but I couldn’t help it on Patriots’ Day  and it was Tax Day, complete with Tea Party Protests…And during the same week that Tim McVeigh chose to murder 169 Americans and maim another 680? The day lionized by Christian Patriots around the nation as the day to “water the tree of liberty with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” And, what better place than liberal communist Massachusetts? And, after all, marathon runners are a bunch of skinny communists, who probably voted for the Kendonesian. And, did a Kenyan win again this year? Probably, I don’t care. But, a couple of bored Chechens decided to have some fun in America.

We can be thankful that this latest group of terrorists did not possess the tactical acumen of Tim McVeigh, or things would have been a lot worse. It would be nice if the FBI and other law enforcement agencies would begin taking domestic  terrorism more seriously—and we should have strict controls on explosives–like maybe actually have a real BATFE?

6 Responses to “Boston Marathon, Patriots’ Day, and Terrorism in the US—Got that one wrong….”

  1. Per Smith Says:

    Actually with McVeigh you’re off by two days it seems. Oklahoma City (April 19, 1995) was on the Wednesday after Patriot’s day. Not that it changes anything about taking Christian terrorism seriously.

  2. Derp-de-doop Says:

    “Everyone urges caution at speculating about things like this, but, Jesus Fuck. Let’s face it. Patriots’ Day? And it was Tax Day, complete with Tea Party Protests…”

    Nice going there. Yeah, let’s face it. Christian extremism and tax protest are such a Chechen thing, after all. This reminds me of something, namely the wingnuts who decide that whenever a bomb goes off, it was set up by da Mooslems. ‘Cause Jesus Fuck if we’re going to wait for, you know, actual facts before rushing to our precious little conclusions.

  3. Staffan Says:

    Maybe you could do a graph comparing the death count of Christian and Muslim terrorists? McVeigh is a drop in the ocean.

  4. sherkat Says:

  5. Staffan Says:

    That’s not terrorism but “war and political violence.” And there is no definition or source so it’s basically just some guy agreeing with you.

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