Women’s Support of Same Sex Marriage: The Gender Gap in Civil Rights Adherence

Gender differences in support for same sex marriage by age group: 2012 GSS

Gender differences in support for same sex marriage by age group: 2012 GSS

A lot has been made about various social sources of support for or opposition to same sex marriage, but few people have discussed how gender structures this public policy preferences. Overall, in the 2012 GSS, 46% of men support marriage rights for same sex couples, while 53% of women favor civil rights—a quite substantial difference, nearly as large as the gap between whites and African Americans. Looking at this issue across age/cohort groups shows that the difference is quite robust—and may even have grown in the post-baby boom generations. For respondents under age 30, nearly 72% of women support marriage, while support is 60% among men under 30. The gender difference narrows in subsequent generations, but remains quite substantial for respondents aged 30-39, and 40-49. Yet, among the 50-59 baby boomers, there is no discernible gender difference, and men are actually slightly more supportive of marriage rights. But, in older cohorts the relationship goes back to one of gendered support—with women more likely to favor marriage. But why? For the Abrahamic Right, this is obvious evidence of the evil nature of women. For those who do not fuck goats, however, these findings suggest that women’s experiences lead them to favor the formal recognition of family relationships, no matter what the form of family. Women support marriage more than men.


5 Responses to “Women’s Support of Same Sex Marriage: The Gender Gap in Civil Rights Adherence”

  1. Staffan Says:

    That sounds like a bit of a leap. By that logic old people would be less supportive of marriage. I would imagine it means that women are more liberal in general, not more pro-marriage. (Except for those who grew up in the 1960-1970s who are all very liberal.)

  2. schmielt Says:

    Still not clear on the reason for the age group where men’s support is higher…why is that?

    I can’t speak for anyone else, but my own support has much more to do with just not seeing any good reason for the state to infringe on others’ rights and happiness (ironically, since I am so NOT a libertarian); I also admit to a strong opposition to anything the Religious Right wants to do for supernatural reasons I don’t think have a valid place in legal enshrinement. It never occurred to me that I was “pro-marriage”…in fact, if anything, I’m on average probably significantly more anti-marriage (for everyone) than most men or women. I’m more anti-discrimination than pro-marriage.

  3. sherkat Says:

    Not sure about why men wind up slightly higher in that baby boomer group. It’s not statistically significant (the gender difference in that group), but something about that period made MEN more accepting. Elton John? Freddie Mercury? Or, women less accepting…anti-marriage norms? Andrea Dworkin? Anti-gay salience? Anita Bryant?

  4. schmielt Says:

    Looks like the gap was slowly shrinking, and then rebounded with a vengeance after that period.

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