Catholics Love Gay Marriage!

Support for Same Sex Marriage by Religion: 2010-2012 GSS

Support for Same Sex Marriage by Religion: 2010-2012 GSS

The closet cases over at the Family Research Council are all aflutter about a shit poll showing that the majority of Catholics support same sex marriage. Of course, we already showed this in our papers in SSQ and SSR, and I’ve updated those findings to 2010 data on this blog. In 2010, about 48% of Catholics supported same sex marriage, higher than among “moderate” Protestants, and nearly as supportive of marriage rights as Episcopalians and liberal Protestants. Above you can see the comparison of 2010 and 2012 GSS finding—and Catholics make another leap! They love weddings, especially if there’s lots of booze! About 57% of Catholics in the 2012 GSS support same sex marriage. So, the shit poll was, predictably, conservative in its estimation.

And, of course, you can see who has been left behind. Baptists and other sectarian Protestants show no change between 2010 and 2012—Mormons actually decline (but those are small numbers). Lutherans also take a step up, likely in response to some high profile ELCA deliberations. Other Moderate Protestants (Methodist, Reformed, Disciples of Christ, etc) are also unmoved at 38%. Unitarians remain unanimously supportive, 80% of Jews favor marriage, and 71% of those who reject religious identification support same sex  marriage.


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