Black-White Differences in Support for Same Sex Marriage—No Obama Bump!

support for same sex marriage---2004-2012 GSS

support for same sex marriage—2004-2012 GSS

Before the General Social Survey went into the field, President Obama (prodded by Joe Biden) declared his support for marriage rights for same sex couples. At the time, there was much supposition that this might prod African Americans to shift their beliefs. As I’ve shown in our Social Science Quarterly paper and updated here on this blog, African Americans lag behind whites and others in support (because they are more religious, and identify with conservative religious groups), but they also have been liberalizing just like other Americans. Most, including me, expected an Obama Bump in support among African Americans. However, now that the GSS data are out for 2012, you can see that while African Americans continue to liberalize, their rate of acceptance looks just like that found among Whites. Notably, over half of whites (and other non-Blacks–not shown) support marriage rights.

One Response to “Black-White Differences in Support for Same Sex Marriage—No Obama Bump!”

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