God, Guns, and Gun Laws—Why White Fundies are armed and dangerous


My old racing buddy Mark Swartzendruber is sometimes perplexed by the far-right, and he expressed a genuine interest in trying to understand why conservative Christians somehow think it is ok to have guns and shoot people and shit. He was raised in one of those traditions where they claim that the Christian god, Jesus, was talking about turning the other cheek, instead of flogging the infidel with a cat of nine tails. But, in the United States, the dominant perspective among sectarian Christians (which is increasingly embraced by a deviant group of conservative Catholics) and conservative Calvinist types is that humans are inherently sinful, and therefore must be punished. And, no punishment is too great for the evil doers. That is what is at the root of the “good people with guns” and “bad people” rhetoric driving the NRA and other extremist groups opposed to gun regulation. Bad people need to be shot by good Christians with guns, and gun regulations would prevent good Christians from killing the bad people. Of course, the hitch in this theological argument is race. While most African Americans and a substantial proportion of other non-whites subscribe to conservative Christianity, they are also keenly aware that when white people with guns claim to be the good people confronting “bad people”, what cracker ass whites really mean is “good people with guns” confronting “black people with guns.” Only, black people don’t really have guns….

Above are aggregated data from the 2000-2010 GSS examining gun ownership and opposition to gun laws by race and beliefs about the sacrality of the Bible (the Christian one, we can assume, eh?). As you can see, among whites, people who believe that the bible is the word of some sick demented god are much more likely to live in a household with a gun (46%), and these white fundies are also more likely to oppose gun laws (26%), when compared to white Americans with less fundamentalist religious views. About a third of white Americans who think the bible is a book of fables written by ancient goatfuckers own guns, and only 22% are opposed to gun regulation. Among non-whites, who know that the right for white people to own guns is really about the right to shoot brown people, there is no relationship between religious beliefs, gun ownership, or support for gun regulation.

Much of the apocalyptic fervor regarding gun regulation and the Obama Presidency is about the teleological interpretations of white American fundamentalists. A black guy, who is probably a Kenyan Muslim Homosexual Communist, is trying to snatch their guns from their cold dead fingers. And this, they believe, is prophesied in the pathetic ramblings of some bronze-age goatfuckers. It’s the end times. So we have to stock up on guns and ammo and spam and canned corn and more guns and maybe some potted beef. Because JESUS said that the good white people will prevail, or be raptured up to hebbin. It’s interesting that the brown skinned fundies ain’t buying that brand of religion. They want the crazy white people to be regulated, and for guns to be taken out of their own communities–and religion has nothing to do with it.

2 Responses to “God, Guns, and Gun Laws—Why White Fundies are armed and dangerous”

  1. schmielt Says:

    Amazing, too, that white fundies have managed to conveniently whitewash history and convince themselves that Jesus and all his followers and everyone good that gets rewarded are all Caucasian rather than Jewish or Arabic or whatever they really were. Can you do one of your statistical neat-o charts correlating gun ownership with IQ? Just curious how that’d play out…or maybe it’s been done already?

  2. sherkat Says:

    Oooooh….good idea!

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