A Well Regulated Militia…..Just a modest proposal for reasonable gun control…..Updated

Yesterday I went over to the Illinois DOT office and paid for my registration on my 2005 Honda, it was $99 for the year. This registration is tied to my vehicle, and linked to the ownership title (and I paid a fee to transfer  ownership when I purchased the car, about $100 as I recall). All automobiles must have an engraved serial number in a couple of places, and linked to the title. These are required for registration, and yearly registration is required for a license plate giving me the privilege to drive on public roadways. In most states, but not in mine, there is an additional requirement and charge to certify yearly that a car is roadworthy and meets other standards like emission of hazardous substances. Those usually cost about another $50 per year (I paid these regularly and had my vehicles checked out yearly in North Carolina, Tennessee, and even Oklahoma). In addition to this, I have to personally be certified to be road worthy, including an actual test of my vision, my knowledge of the laws of the road, and my driving ability in critical circumstances. And, that personal driver’s license costs an additional $75 or so. But, we’re not finished. I’m also required to hold insurance on my vehicles, under penalty of law. I just paid mine, and since I’m an old guy with no speeding tickets or other violations, I pay about $600 per year for insurance for my one car. And, of course, all automobiles produced and marketed in the US must meet rigorous standards for safety—with air bags, seat belts, regulations about glass, fireproofing of upholstery, location and construction of fuel tanks, tire and wheel dimensions and configurations, and required headlights, tail lights, reverse lights, and turn signals (all of which must conform to a specific color and dimension).

This is exactly what gun control should look like. All guns should be tracked from manufacture to sale to transfer to demolition. All owners should be required to register the guns annually, and to pay for the privilege of ownership. All gun owners should be required to carry insurance on their guns, and to maintain a license certifying their own personal worthiness to own a gun. If you get a DUI, you lose your driver’s license…If you get picked up for beating your spouse, you should lose your gun license….and have your guns confiscated. All guns should conform to specified guidelines based on potential legitimate use–particularly to make sure that hunters and shooters in sanctioned events are not penalized. Handguns should be limited to magazines of no more than 6 cartridges, shotguns should be plugged at 5 (which most are, and federal waterfowl guidelines and many states limit it to 3), centerfire rifles of all types should be limited to a 3-shot capacity, while rimfire should be limited to 10 shots with no magazine style loading.  And, hunters should also get a discount on licensing. You have a hunting license, check the box and send in the paperwork verifying that you own the weapon (up to 5 long guns and one handgun if permitted for hunting).

The NRA types are opposed to gun registration and tracking because they know that they are the ones who will be or already have been in violent altercations which should disqualify them from gun ownership. They beat their wives, kids, and relatives, and they cause physical altercations in bars and public places. But, they want to have guns. And, they don’t want anyone to know about that little incident with the ex-wife and her new boyfriend.

8 Responses to “A Well Regulated Militia…..Just a modest proposal for reasonable gun control…..Updated”

  1. guninsuranceblog Says:

    Effective gun insurance that will protect everyone and be a minimal burden on gun owners is possible. The problems are real but solutions exist that will cover lost, stolen and diverted firearms. The costs can be kept to normal insurance margins over the risks that are really there. It will require designing a system with care but the insurance industry has done that many times. About $57 a gun on the average would be enough to pay for no-fault insurance covering all guns even stolen ones with a $200,000 death benefit. Calculations are on my blog. http://www.guninsuranceblog.com @guninsurblog

  2. schmielt Says:

    What’s your take on the so-called ‘smart guns’, that can only be fired by the owner?

  3. sherkat Says:

    That should be a nice development to lower insurance rates. And, once this is on board, insurance companies are going to demand that kind of stuff. Or, alternatively, people will be encouraged to store their guns at shooting clubs or police stations—like they do in Switzerland.

  4. schmielt Says:

    But not as an ‘instead of gun control’ option…which is how they’re being touted.

  5. sherkat Says:

    That’s an interesting bait and switch that the NRA used regarding handgun bans. At first, they advocated trigger locks, which would keep a lot of young kids from killing each other or themselves, and may even deter drunks and ignorants. Then, when the shit hits the floor of Congress, the NRA opposed trigger lock mandates. Genius….

  6. schmielt Says:

    Ahhh…I don’t think I was paying attention when that happened.

  7. sherkat Says:

    I’m not sure you were alive…..or maybe you were 3…..I can’t remember if that was late 1970s or early 1980s…..

  8. schmielt Says:

    Then I was definitely not paying attention.

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