Gun Nuts Hate Freedom


All the “cold dead fingers” small-dick gun nuts are up in arms because the Kendonesian is going to take their guns away. Of course, ignoring that part about the “well regulated militia” stuff, they claim that any laws controlling their penis enhancers infringes on their FREEDOM. Always in all caps. Yes, wackjob redneck dickheads are SOOOO into FREEDOM. Well, as long as it is the freedom for white men to run around with guns and shoot people for arguing with them about gun control, or for fucking their wives and girlfriends, or being brown. But, how general is their embrace of the ideal of freedom? A quick look at the 2010 GSS reveals that far from being the freedom loving Americans they claim to be, the majority of gun owners (about 55%) oppose allowing other Americans the freedom to marry—in contrast, only 32% of the 69% of Americans who do not own guns wished to limit their fellow Americans’ freedom to marry. Remember, most Americans do not own guns. Gun owners are a deviant minority. Most Americans also support gun control, but we do know that there is a highly vocal segment of the gun owning population who adamantly reject the imposition of registration laws on their detachable penises. Thankfully, only 12% of Americans are certified gun nuts, owning guns and opposing laws—but this nutty bunch is dead set against freedom to marry—57% report opposition to marriage rights, while only 30% of Americans who do not own guns and who support gun laws oppose marital freedom.

Why does the NRA hate freedom?


5 Responses to “Gun Nuts Hate Freedom”

  1. Dave Gieber Says:

    Darren, growing up in Oklahoma, I, along with many of our fellow classmates, participated in hunting. As a result, I am still an advocate of gun ownership rights. Having said that, I have never understood the need to own assault rifles or multiple bullet clips. However, I recently saw a program about the coming zombie apocalypse and how the kansas anti zombie militia is preparing for it. Having played the zombie version of call of duty black ops I can see the need for these weapons.

  2. schmielt Says:

    American right-wing gun nuts are about the only thing that scare me enough to consider needing to own a gun myself. And I’ll still pass.

  3. sherkat Says:

    Hey Dave! Yeah, I was a big “hunter” back in the old days, of course, all the rednecks had killed off most of the game in OK, so mostly it was getting drunk in the woods and blasting shit. I think most reasonable people can come together on this. Registration is not that hard or intrusive. And, if you don’t like paying a fee, sell your guns. The assault rifle stuff is completely lunatic fringe small-dick latent sexuality issue….nobody needs that. Handguns are worthless for legitimate self defense, and they’re extremely dangerous—more children get killed every month in the US from handgun accidents than died in that school shooting. Poor Amelia, going back to work with her gun nut buddy….

  4. schmielt Says:

    Yeah, I’ve been hearing about the NRA and various types of guns and all manner of proposed gun control legislation and their ‘drawbacks’ for weeks! Actually, years, come to think of it…I’m buying myself some noise-cancelling headphones as a late Christmas present to myself ASAP. There aren’t nearly enough of those accidents where crazy gun owners accidentally shoot themselves, IMO.

  5. sherkat Says:

    Yeah, it’s too bad. It’s always kids and lovers who suffer the brunt.

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