Zappadan Ends in Sorrow, Grief, Lunacy, and Hope….

You know that you are what you is and that isn’t much unless what you have is to take from what you got from the others who you didn’t really mention were your subjects of all manner of ill intention to whom you believe you owe nothing because you think you may be the central scrutinizer or some other sort of terpsichorean ejectamenti to be plastigated on the people who know little and the less they know the better they feel about the slime festering from the ooze of the blister that reeks of the stench of a thousand assholes as the weasels rip the flesh from the bones of the last of the dying lawn jockeys knocked from the lawns of the guys with the brown suits and the blonde wives who take phone calls and who don’t even think you’re number 2………

Zappadan will be even better next year.

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