Why Gun Control Will Win


It’s disturbing to see many liberals and virtually all moderates and conservatives buy into the NRA/Gallup/whore pollster myth that Americans oppose gun control. The unwavering assumption is that Americans love guns, and we all have guns under our beds and in our pickups and in the desk drawer at work and another in the kitchen, just in case you have to shoot your spouse. Democrats are afraid to even say “gun control” thinking that somehow “everyone” thinks that every nutcase should have the right to carry a high powered handgun next to their little tiny prick. Reality is a long way from the talking points generated by the NRA and inserted into the Republican Party platform. Indeed—even gun owning Republicans want a systematic tracking of firearms. It is true that those who are clinging to their guns and their gods were more likely to vote for Sarah Palin and that old guy—more than half of McCain voters own guns, while only a quarter of Obama voters are packing heat. And, it is true that more Democratic voters support gun control—82% of Obama voters support gun control measures. But, look at the Republicans. 64% of people who admit to going out and voting for Sarah Palin want gun control. Indeed, even the shrinking minority of Americans who own guns support gun control–66% of gun owning Obama voters support gun control, while 59% of gun owning McCain voters support gun control.

It is just plain strange to see gun control touted as a non-starter for political mobilization, particularly when contrasted with something much more controversial like same sex marriage. We’ve barely reached the point when the majority of Americans think same sex marriage should be legal, and the pundits and “journalists” tout it as inevitable. In contrast, the vast majority of Americans have always supported gun control, but somehow we’re too afraid of the small dick pussy ass NRA to make that happen? Bullshit. Americans are just as sick of these little fascist assholes and their penis extenders which they use to threaten, maim, and kill other Americans. Only 30% of American households own guns, and most of those guns are old shotguns or squirrel rifles—not 40 caliber handguns with 24 shot magazines or assault rifles.

There are several concrete steps which would easily fly with all real Americans. First, an immediate repeal of all “carry and shoot” laws which enable belligerent redneck pussies to walk around armed and shoot people when they are scared. Second, the federalization of all arms, ammunition, and equipment sales and the issuance of a national license and registration database. This will close all gun shops, take Wal Mart out of the gun business, and end the “gun shows” that are nothing more than a bunch of white supremacists stockpiling weapons to kill the browns.  Third, this license should be linked to police and medical databases—enabling law enforcement and medical professionals to coordinate. You have a diagnosis of a psychotic disorder? You can’t buy 500 rounds at the Federal gun store. Indeed, nobody can buy more than a box at the federal gun store. And, of course, we need an immediate ban on all semi-automatic weapons other than three-shot shotguns, deer rifles, and the magazine limit for semi-auto pistols should be 6 shots. It is illegal to hunt with more than three shots, so why is this shit for sale? Licenses should be mandatory with each gun registered and registration permits should be annual and expensive ($100 should do it, eh?). And, if you don’t want to license your gun, there should be a buy-back and destroy option. You don’t want that old 38 that grandpa left you? Can’t afford the $100 to register this year? Fine, the Feds should buy back your gun at a fair market value—and destroy it. A buyback program would probably bring down gun ownership to under 10% of households. Most people who own guns aren’t gun nuts.

Real Americans want to see Ted Nugent in prison for threatening the President and other public officials. We want to see his guns confiscated and destroyed. We want him to be banned from ever again owning a gun because he’s a dangerous felon. Scared pussies like him are the people who shoot up malls and hospitals and elementary schools.

4 Responses to “Why Gun Control Will Win”

  1. schmielt Says:

    It was just March that you posted saying we’ll basically never get good gun control laws. What changed?

  2. sherkat Says:

    Dead white children.

  3. schmielt Says:


  4. sherkat Says:

    And, I think gun control will pass, I still don’t think we’ll ever put the stupid second amendment on the table.

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