Social Science Research, Research Ethics, and the Same Sex Marriage Debate

Last summer my old friend from ultimate frisbee and Professor of Philosophy at Cal State Fresno, Andy Fiala, wanted me to come out and talk about something related to my research. He has a lecture series on ethical issues as part of his very cool center, and a lot of friendly people from the University and the community come out for the lectures. Of course, right as we were talking about this the Chronicle article on the Regnerus affair came out, and he thought it would be a nice opportunity to meld together my research on support and opposition to marital rights with the unfolding drama. It was a really nice event, and it was great to see the crowd and to catch up with Andy, Val, Tahoe, and Bodhi. None of us could remember if I had ever actually met Bodhi before, and Val couldn’t find pictorial evidence…..

A few people have asked about the talk, ssmethics, the PPT is on the link.  And, behold, Andy’s minions have it up on youtube in four pieces. I’m sorry they didn’t get the Q and A, but it went just a tad longish…..

One Response to “Social Science Research, Research Ethics, and the Same Sex Marriage Debate”

  1. Hagan Says:

    Watched it all today. First, great talk. Second, watching you speak brought back many a seminar into flashback mode, maniacal finger gestures and all.

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