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Rape Babies: What Christian America Really Wants—repost—Just can’t get enough Republican Christian Rape Babies


Support for forcing rape victism to have a child: 2010 GSS

Just can’t get enough Rape Babies, since the entire Republican Party of Jesus now believes that Rape is the will of GOD!

Propagandist pundits often assert that sectarian Christians are no different from anyone else, they just want to be left alone…And, it is they who are the truly oppressed. Yes, nobody is more oppressed than white Sectarian Christians! So, what do they want to do when they get into power? Why, they want to force women who have been raped to have the rapists’ child! Yes, That’s what Christian America really wants. To do otherwise is repression against Christians, who are offended that anyone would suggest that rape is anything other than what those secular sluts asked for when they refused to accept Sectarian Jesus as their lord and savior. We all know they deserve it, and they should pay dearly for the consequences of their sin.

Above you can see just how much like everyone else Sectarian Christians are! A shameful 12% of mainline Protestants (most of them disgusting conservative Presbyterians and Lutherans) think that abortion should be illegal even in the case of rape. That figure doubles among Baptists (our largest Sectarian group). Among respondents affiliated with other sectarian groups (like Sarah Palin and her ilk) nearly HALF agree that abortion should be illegal even in the case of rape, and Mormons for Mitt aren’t far behind (magic underwear would have prevented the rape…).  Almost 21% of Catholics fall in line with the pedophile priests. In contrast, non Christian Americans are opposed to the barbarity of forcing a women to bear the child of a rapist—only 3% are opposed to legal abortion in this case (hopefully they misunderstood the question response), while less than 8% of non-affiliates support primitive misogyny.
Of course, this is all a part of the ongoing war against women—and yes, indeed, there is actually an UPWARD TREND in opposition to legal abortion even in the case of rape!

The End of “Judeo-Christian” Hegemony?


Years of Education by Religious Identification: NIS

N Mean Std.Dev.
Jewish 99 16.0 3.5
Hindu 586 15.6 3.9
MainlineProt. 204 15.3 4.1
CatholicOther 960 14.4 3.9
OrthodoxChristian 725 13.8 4.3
Other Prot. 529 13.5 4.9
No Religion 912 13.4 5.0
Muslim 544 13.0 5.2
SectarianProt. 427 12.7 5.0
Buddhist 283 12.1 5.1
OtherReligion 193 11.6 5.2
Catholic 2784 11.2 5.4
Catholic Lat. Am. 1786 9.4 5.3
Total 7286 12.7 5.2

Most  discussions of the end of Christian hegemony in the US focus on the rise of secularism, which is certainly a good place to look, but observers in the know realize exactly where most of our secular checks on Christian fanaticism and hegemony have come from—they came from Jews sick of the Christianists shit. They were tired of having their kids be forced to pray to Jesus in their public schools. They were tired of being forced to pray to Jesus at public events, for legislative and judicial activity, for things for which religion should not matter, and which their Jewishness was relegated to a distinctive second class status. The ascendance of Jews in our economy certainly had a profound influence on removing religion from the public sphere. You know, try not to be like Hitler.

My former student Nadia Amin has some interesting new research on the educational attainment of immigrant groups, and one thing that glares from the data—and is also evident in the GSS—is that we now have a new elite religion on the horizon—and it hails from India and is distinctively outside of the “Judeo Christian” tradition. Hindus now vie with Jews for the top slot in educational attainment among immigrants—and they are nearly six times as prevalent among people who came to the US in the 00s and both NIS and GSS data show this. Hindu immigrants do suffer from a patriarchy problem, and while Hindu men exceed the attainments of mainline Protestant immigrants, Hindu women fall below them. Looking around most college campuses, I’m thinking maybe the second generation Hindu women are kicking ass (that’s an empirical question, however).

Table 3: Years of  Education by Gender and Religious Identification

Religious Affiliation Men Women
Jewish 16.83(15.77-17.88) 15.23(14.33-16.13)
Hindu 16.45(16.12-16.78) 14.17(13.58-14.76)
Mainline Protestant 15.70(14.92-16.49) 14.89(14.06-15.71)
Other Protestant 14.68(14.15-15.20) 12.37(11.75-12.99)
Orthodox Christian 14.35(13.95-14.76) 13.27(12.81-13.73)
Muslim 14.17(13.68-14.65) 11.65(10.92-12.39)
No Religion 13.62(13.19-14.05) 13.16(12.65-13.67)
Sectarian Protestant 13.28(12.58-13.98) 12.18(11.52-12.83)
Buddhist 13.13(12.31-13.94) 11.39(10.56-12.21)
Other Religion 13.08(12.06-14.11) 10.38(9.39-11.38)
Catholic 11.73(11.42-12.03)











Total 13.51(13.35-13.68) 11.96(11.79-12.13)