No Kidding? Childlessness and the Obama Vote

Obama Vote for over 50 white men and over 45 white women

Obama Vote and Completed Fertility for White Men and Women

The war against women is also a war against all people who have family forms that fall outside of the primitive prescriptions of bronze age goat fuckers. Women must submit to their husbands AND have a bunch of babies, because the only reason you should ever be having sex (which is yucky and evil) is for the creation of god-conscious children (just like in the Hare Krishna!). All other sex is evil. We need to outlaw abortion, birth control, homosexuality, and masturbation to bring women back under the boot of patriarchy.

But, in REAL AMERICA, where most people fornicate and beat off and shit like that, 15% of Americans never have children. Yet still they fuck and stuff. If they are married, obviously their “family” is inferior and undeserving of recognition, and if they are single or gay or both, then they are clearly disturbed people who should be locked up in Gitmo and not allowed to vote or run for office or hold jobs or speak their mind about why they don’t have patriarchal heterosexual marriages like conservative Christians (well, until the conservative Christian woman finally dumps her limp patriarch and goes on welfare with her four children….).

And, the politicization of family and sexuality  isn’t lost on people who choose to remain childless. Above I chart the Obama vote by number of children for white men over age 50 and white women over age 45—about the end of fecundity for most women, and any man who has a child for the first time over the age of 50 is a nutjob and will certainly die at age 53.  Not surprisingly, an overwhelming majority of childless people supported Obama against Sarah Palin, and there is no real gender difference. Gender differences appear for people with one child–with women being more likely to choose the Kenyan—and one-child women are about the same as childless women in their voting. At two kids, we see women gravitating towards Sarah Palin—but having more than two kids doesn’t have much impact on voting for women, though men’s preferences for Palin continue to increase with number of children.

Unfortunately, as Robert Kaufmann points out this does not bode well for the future for white liberal voting, unless we can convert all of those Palins to liberalism—fat chance given that they’re being indoctrinated by their parents, and Jesus Schools, and the far right is seeking to eliminate all secular education. Still, when those kiddies grow up and start masturbating and fornicating they may change their opinion about baby Jesus loving them if he’s gonna send them to hell for a little sex.



2 Responses to “No Kidding? Childlessness and the Obama Vote”

  1. James Sweet Says:

    On the flip side, this is why I was so proud to show the sign our family made for our town’s ’11 Pride parade. It was shortly after the NYS legislature voted to recognize marriage equality, and we brought a colorfully-decorated sign we made that read “NY FAMILIES ❤ GAY MARRIAGE" which we held up in front of our lily-white family of four, replete with double-stroller and American flags and all that apple pie shit.

    It's important for people to know that there are whitebread suburban families with 2.3 kids riding in a minivan, who nevertheless are on the right side on these issues. You don’t have to be a bigot to match your social role.

    (Not disputing the correlation, of course, just emphasizing how important it is for people who do fall in that demographic to speak out)

  2. StraightGrandmother Says:

    Dr.Sherkat you have been misinformed about masturbation. According to that new “stellar” research by Dr. Mark Regnerus the New Family Structures Study (NFSS) in fact 21% (620 out of 2,988) of people age 18-39 responded that they have never masturbated.

    While it may be true that 15% of married couples never have children a higher percent do not masturbate either. Masturbation is not as widespread as one would wrongly assume.

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