Jesus + Republicans = Rape Babies: The Republican Christian War on Women, continued…..

Opposition to legal abortion in case of rape: 2010 GSS

The problem with crazy is that it’s contagious! It is often assumed that Republicans’ problems with women are a function of their cultivation of fundamentalist Christians—and there is some truth to that. However, as I showed with support for same sex marriage, political movements often have their own independent socializing effect on moral values. After all, one of the most vocal opponents of women’s rights is a fat guy from across the river who  takes recreational viagra on his sex tours with young boys. Jesus has little to do with his opposition to abortion, Rush Limbaugh just hates women and wants them to suffer however they can. But, Jesus does matter.
Above I present opposition to legal abortion by republican party identification and beliefs about the Bible from the 2010 GSS. Nearly half of Republican fundies (who believe the bible is the word of gawd) are opposed to abortion in the case of rape—but only 31% of non-republican fundies hold that view. Similarly,  nearly 20% of Republicans who think the bible was inspired by a god want rape babies, while only 12% of non-Republicans hold that view. Interestingly, the small minority of Republicans who hold secular views of the abrahamic texts are similar to non-republicans in their beliefs about rape babies.
Parties matter, but you need a little Jesus to make them really horrible.

4 Responses to “Jesus + Republicans = Rape Babies: The Republican Christian War on Women, continued…..”

  1. smilidon Says:

    There is a big difference between conservatives and Repub fundies but unfortunately the candidate has to appeal to both. There are many small “parties” inside the republican camp and if they don’t unit you don’t win. i’d prefer it that way to the zombie dems though.

  2. schmielt Says:

    Yeah, way to try to rationalize that. Anyone who might have qualified as a “conservative” but is NOT a Republican “fundie” must recognize that they no longer belong in this party, and haven’t for quite a few years (decades, if they’ve been paying attention). It’s impossible for a candidate to appeal to any “rational” conservative as well as the extreme Repugs, and the party leaders have obviously thrown their lot in with the far-right crazies, for lack of another home. The party has moved hard right recently, and has yet to look back to see how many of its former members it might be leaving behind. The “zombie dems” – whatever that means – might just find themselves with some new, formerly conservative adherents, for lack of any competition in sane policy advocates.

  3. smilidon Says:

    The more seemingly European style social policies are forced down a disapproving public’s throat the more right they will lean. When they back handedly passed Obamacare without even actually voting on the bill a lot of Independents i know said they wouldn’t vote for Obama no matter what. Some time has passed so the wound isn’t as fresh but I know a lot of people who wonder what motivates a president to pass a sweeping new tax and major reform with 70% disapproval. People see the year waits and day long lines in European countries and how every other month another country there is teetering on the brink of collapse and they don’t want to follow that lead. You can’t legislate every facet of peoples lives, tell them its for there own good and no expect reprisals. So far aroun 5 million people have pledged to either discontinue their current medical insurance or stay uninsured and not pay the fine. If even half of those do it then you’ll have 2.5 million people suddenly in criminal court. That should put a nice strain on the system and force a change.

  4. schmielt Says:

    You’re an idiot. Sounds like you’ve swallowed every idiotic, untrue right-wing scare tactic associated with healthcare reform, including bullshit, made-up statistics. I “pledged” to move to Canada BOTH times Dubya got elected, yet here I am, still trying to edge Americans away from the Cliffs of Insanity. “Pledging” something doesn’t mean follow-through, especially once people realize the benefits they’d be giving up.

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