Fear and Loathing in Denver

shiny happy people

I managed to get out of the ASA meetings without being lynched by conservatives or glitter bombed by GLBT activists, so I guess I should feel lucky.

I’ve never been much of a fan of the big ASA’s. But, this year I managed to selectively associate, and mostly hang out with an odd assortment of old buddies ranging from Rob Benford to Willi Jasso to Ken Land to Jeff Will and Jennifer Glass. Denver was a very good choice for ASA, and I hope we go back soon. I’m not a fan of places where you have to cab or train everywhere, and Denver had a lot of dining and drinking options. I’m Sure that Jeff and Rachel Rayburn’s fave was the all you-can -drink breakfast mimosa place, and I had a nice time with Tom Shriver, Vinnie Roscigno, Bill Danaher and Amy Chasteen on Friday.

Still, I don’t know why, but those meetings depress me a bit. On Sunday, I was toast. I was sick of sociology. Nothing interests me. I don’t want to see anyone or hear what they are doing. I hid in my room for a while after a run. Finally, I went out to grab a beer by myself and do a bit of work. And I met this young woman. She was kindof being hit on by someone way creepier than me and I could tell she was from the conference before she pulled out her program. Turns out she’s some undergrad kid whose parents are also at the conference. The kid is really excited. She’s been to a shitload of sessions, and even took notes. With a pen. It was a reflective moment, and her enthusiasm was rejuvenating for me. I wound up picking myself up and going to the religion section reception, and seeing Jay Demerath and Jim Richardson and Penny Edgell and Dan Olson and a bunch of really nice up and coming scholars. And, I was even happy and into things for the big board meeting that eve with all the heavies.

Still, despite a bunch of shit going on, I was happy to return not wanting to quit the field. I think that’s progress!

One Response to “Fear and Loathing in Denver”

  1. schmielt Says:

    Good to hear…you never know who you’ll make an impact on.

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