Christian Terrorists Kill More Sikhs! 12th or 13th since the War on Islam

They all look the same to me!

They all look the same to me!

Jesus Fuck! These Christian Terrorists really suck! Once again, the Sikhs get targeted by some religious nutcase out to git’m some muslins! Towelheads, right? No, those would be the Sikh, a rather different (albeit syncretic of Islam) religious group, though they do live near lots of Muslims….But, not these people. They live(d) in suburban Milwaukee, and their kids all  wind up going to Northwestern and Chicago and DUKE! I’ve said this before in another post about Christian Terrorists killing Sikhs in the US, but between Bend it Like Beckham and the omnipresent male Sikh student bouncing around Cameron Indoor Stadium during the Duke basketball games has always made me somewhat fond of Sikhs. I’m sure if I lived in the Punjab and was surrounded by Sikh fundies I’d have a different perspective. But these were Americans. Killed by some religious nutjob fighting the War on Islam at home. I wonder what kind of nice shiny guns he had?

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