On Cue, Right Wing Public Opinion Manipulators Make False Claims about Gun Control Attitudes

Shitty data by Whore Pollsters Show Most Americans Want Crazies to Own AR-15s

Shitty data by Whore Pollsters Show Most Americans Want Crazies to Own AR-15s

Believe me, sometimes I hate always being right. Right on cue, right wing whore pollsters have begun doing the bidding of their masters at the NRA to claim that all REAL Americans increasingly believe that every god fearing white american should own an AR-15 and carry it to the movie theatre for the midnight show, you know, just in case. After all, if everyone in Aurora had been packing heat, none of this would have happened. And, it’s a nice exercise in SOCIAL SCIENCE to examine just how far away from the best estimates of the true population parameters the data from bullshit whore polls fall. Above is a figure I stole from some whore, showing the estimates from three whore polls, conducted using standards that would have caused me to be failed out of my undergraduate sociology program—but are now considered excellent by the American Association of Whore Pollsters (formerly the AAPOR). And looky looky—because we have been taken over by an illegal alien from Kendonesia who is hell bent on taking the guns from the cold dead fingers of real white Americans, fewer than half of Americans support gun control in  two of the three whore polls. Just look at that massive trend! Yes, as the whore polls’ response rates declined from 30% in the 1990s to 2% in 2010, low and behold the estimates reflected the fact that they only tap the opinion of angry old white people in rural areas with nothing better to do than answer questions from a whore on their landline phone!  Yet, our best estimates of reality, based on real social scientific data from an honest-to-fuck survey conducted by real scientists and administered by people whose interests are in science shows that support for gun control has not fallen below 70% since 1972:

Whores lie.

Whores lie.

Yeah, sure, since Columbine the media machine of the NRA—with help from whore pollsters and their allies in the paid-off “media” have whittled away at the resolve to regulate dangerous weapons. But, it is untrue that Columbine (that was 1999–420!) somehow spurred and upward shift in support for gun control. They just made that shit up. Instead, the downward trend was created by the NRA and their minions doubling down and distorting the facts—with the aid of the public opinion manipulators. If you lie about what “everyone believes”, eventually people will either change their beliefs or falsify their preferences (see Kuran, Timur—probably a Muslim terrorist, eh?). And, it is true that the election of a gay Moslem Kenyan did seem to lower support for gun control. But let’s get real, Most REAL AMERICANS have always supported gun control and they still do. It’s interesting that the whores don’t ask whether or not Americans should be able to own assault weapons–and I’d like to see the GSS add that. Given that the VAST MAJORITY of Real Americans think that you should have a background check and a permit for your squirrel rifle or shotgun, I’m fairly certain that only a small lunatic fringe supports allowing nutjob small-dick rednecks to purchase weapons of mass destruction.

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