Religious Freedom and Religious Entitlement….er, establishment?

I want to be free! I’ve got to be free!

The Manly Bishops in control of the Catholic Church are squealing like stuck alter boys about the Islamic Homosexual Kendonesian’s commandment that all Catholic Churches put depo-provera in their communion wafers. Yes, if the child molesting priests have to fund insurance for the teachers and secretaries at St. Ignatius Elementary School to fund some slutty prostitute 3rd grade teacher’s fuck-me pills, then we’re pretty much the same as Nazi Germany.

But, let’s get ourselves a grip on why and how this matters to the “church”. First, not only are shitloads of your slutty third grade teachers non-Catholic, most of the employees of the giant megacorporation that is the Catholic Church work in the medical and social service sectors. Most of the bottom line funding for the hospitals, clinics, support facilities, and the like comes not from the child-rapers in Rome, but from the Communist Socialist Government of the United States of America. Medicare and Medicaid receipts alone fuel the entire health industry, and that is especially true for the Catholic health networks, which feed on those niches in rural areas and elderly communities. And, the Catholic Health Care Corporation also pulls down big money from all those non-Catholics who pay for health care (or have their communist homosexual insurance carriers pay) …Non Profit My Ass. At a minimum, the Catholic Church has developed a multi-billion dollar business with the infrastructure of hospitals and clinics. And, of course, most of their employees are non-Catholic, and there isn’t shit Catholic about a hospital you’re shipped into–nor do the Catholics pay a part of your bill, you know, like if they were a charity or something, instead of a for-profit hospital…..

The spitefulness of the child raping Bishops is what is really shocking. They’re willing to pull ALL insurance from employees and students to make sure that no slut receives contraception. It doesn’t cost them ANYTHING. Indeed, insurance companies will not issue policies for pregnancy coverage which do not include contraception. Duh! Insurance companies are happy to pay for a few pills if they can avoid paying for a childbirth and associated bullshit! So now, even good Catholic women who were virgins when they married a good heterosexual Catholic boy (hard to find!) will have no insurance to cover a pregnancy…just in case the horny little buggers were using the policy to prevent pregnancy—which over 90% of Catholics would.  So, Catholic families are also being denied access to birth control that they want.

But, raping boys is totally ok, or maybe just an unfortunate accident. Ooooops….


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